Emmanuelle: A World of Desire

Emmanuelle: A World of Desire

Emmanuelle teaches a group of space travelers, human sensuality from across the globe.

Having made First Contact with intergalactic travelers, Emmanuelle continues her ongoing mission... to impart the secrets of human love and sexuality. She encounters an enticing dilemma, when one of the aliens falls in love with a vivacious earthling. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Luciano G (br) wrote: This movie is not the worst way to kill an hour and a half of your time, especially if you love the landscape shots and feel benevolent towards the movies that promote the "free spirit" attitude, or maybe you just love Jason Momoa's looks.... but for the rest of you folks, this film can easily be skipped without losing too much....

Casey L (de) wrote: A amateur film maker's homework assignment. Adam an attractive young New Yorker who seeks fame in Tinsel Town (Hollywood), discovers as did many of his predecessors the dark reality of the "movie business".

Panayiotis P (fr) wrote: Taineia apo to 2007... Xalari kai apla gia na perasi arketa xalara i ora.. Tipote idiaitero alla katholou asximi taineia.

Scott C (jp) wrote: Watch 'Boogie NIghts' instead.

Tecia E (kr) wrote: Never seen the show, so probably wont understand the movie

Yanci P (ru) wrote: Mns. Romero is my hero. He was and is our Archbishop of Salvadoran people. He fight for poor people?s rights in a pacific way.

Jesse C (gb) wrote: Wait, did I like this movie?

Mark B (it) wrote: the first lady's witticisms are pretty amazing but not as amazing as the motorcycle scene or the lamest boat chase ever filmed. i am also amazed at the bronce's love life. something about eternal orgasms causing death?

David H (us) wrote: THE best Blaxploitation movie ever!

Stephanie F (ru) wrote: Surprisingly enjoyable if completely ludicrous entertainment; so happy to see Jack Lemmon even if his character is a bit of a jerk and who knew that Janet Leigh could dance and sing? Glad I had the opportunity to see this!

Vadim D (es) wrote: It's dated and relevant at the same time. It's Downton Abbey produced 70 years ago. It's also clearly motivated by the war itself.

Eric H (mx) wrote: "The Rules of the Game" is one of those movies that would be easy to be disappointed by, because it's constantly lauded as one of the greatest movies ever made, and anyone who's spent any time studying film knows that at some point you have to see this movie if you're going to consider yourself a film connoisseur. For film historians and especially for students of French cinema, "The Rules Of The Game" is a must-see. But for a general audience, the film can seem dull and tedious, and its thematic message is too subtle and convoluted to be easily appreciated. The reason why it is so good is hilarious, poetic, beautiful, disturbing, and frustrating. It breezes by like Shakespeare mixed with slapstick comedy with some French farce thrown in for good measure. Make of that what you will.

Jeff C (au) wrote: A great western classic. One of John Wayne's best.