Emmanuelle on Taboo Island

Emmanuelle on Taboo Island

Daniel is washed ashore after a shipwreck and discovers the beautiful Haydee in a tropical island paradise. However, Haydee's father and brother aren't as willing to accept their romance.

A shipwrecked sailor falls in love with a beautiful island woman. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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M C (mx) wrote: Sappy and melodramatic. Even the symbolic allegories are quite banal. In the hands of a better director could have been good though.

Bruce B (de) wrote: Great young person's story and a great story for anyone who has lived down south and misses it. 5 stars

Carey L (es) wrote: Totally ruined one of my favorite books.

Scott A (au) wrote: Worst movie I have ever seen. I gave it half a star cause Kate Todd is a cutie and she runs around with her shirt ripped off half the movie. Seriously, the Bear footgae is all fake looking, instead of showing ANY death scenes they just squirt cartoon blood at the screen and the ending is the worst thing I have ever seen. A guy falls down and even though the Bears is way far away, he just lays on the ground, with Kate, waiting for death? HORRIBLE!!!!!!!

Katherine A (fr) wrote: I love Lewis Black. A whole lot. So its no surprise that I loved this. Social commentary comedy is one of my favourite forms.

Dave S (au) wrote: 7 purported geniuses (they don't really seem all that, though) get rounded up by the government to discuss the world's problems at the insistence of a disgruntled former government worker who awards points for opinions he agrees with. If they don't get enough points, disgruntled will set off a nuclear device. Too many scenes of the G's saying things like "let me out of here!" Its a given that they don't want to be there, but wouldn't they be interested in trying to stop the threatened disaster? Not bad for a movie about people sitting around a table. After critiquing capitalism, some Christian apologetics get thrown in near the end, and then something about the Importance of Knowing Who I Am (and I wouldn't argue with that!) This is a passably interesting movie, though again, the "genius" of the collected participants wasn't readily apparent to me. I give it three stars for attempting to make a movie revolve around important issues, with no actual car chases or (spoiler ahead) explosions.

Al M (es) wrote: Okay, I love Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest but mostly because the basic idea of it is absolutely hilarious. Two Amish-esque children from Gatlin are adopted and move to Chicago where they must trey to blend in with the "urban" youth at their new high school. The film does features some decently gruesome death scenes, but it is made even more classic by having the uber-religious children try to blend in with their mostly African-American school. It has some decent moments of horror, but these are far outweighed by the moments of cheesy humor in the film.

Edmund C (jp) wrote: I grew to like the characters because of the new cast, but now I'm totally savoring the original cast too. This movie in particular is very enjoyable, directed by none other than Leonard Nimoy himself! Excellent humour and a fun plot which takes them time-travelling back to 20th-century San Francisco. Loved it :)

John R (kr) wrote: Most epic American film of all time.a timeless classic

George M (us) wrote: It's sad seeing good actors wasted in such a mediocre film. Not to mention the ludicrous american family, middle-class ideological core that lies behind the bad script.

Sheila C (it) wrote: My favorite movie of all time.

Scott C (es) wrote: Came out around the same time as 'The Abyss' and 'Deep Star Six'. The Abyss was great. Deep Star Six was trashy, but kinda fun. This was just bad.

Michael H (ag) wrote: Very good but probably the worst in a brilliant series. Bill Nighy, Steven MacKintosh and Michael Sheen make this one worth watching, and it's good to see the series looking back to how the vampire/lycan wars started.