Emperor Tomato Ketchup

Emperor Tomato Ketchup

In a Japanese colony, children overthrow their parental guardians and attempt to form a new society. Their plan spirals out of control and they are soon lost in a web of sexual deviation and violence.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:72 minutes
  • Release:1971
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:surrealism,   rape,   wig,  

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Emperor Tomato Ketchup torrent reviews

Kenneth L (nl) wrote: Snappy smart dialog. Easy to identify with the characters & empathize with their situation. Wasn't too terribly erotic or funny for a sex comedy but that seemed to add to the story rather than detract from it.Meeting online has really altered society in all sorts of subtle ways already & promises to to become much more a profound omnipresence in the furure. It even blurs our sense of family & home in ways that open dooors to new less confining possibilities. Sex will never hold the same meaning.

Henrique T (de) wrote: Stupid, But Can Be Funny In Some Parts.

Jacinthe B (kr) wrote: Loved to see Mr. Darcy kissing, really kissing in this century! : ) Great story, great acting, very good romance!

Laurence B (us) wrote: I only have one question after watching this film. Is Mila Kunis the sexiest girl alive?

Elissa M (ag) wrote: lovely songs, lovely culture. but i gotta say that for such a free lot of people, this movie packs a painful punch of stereotypes.

Jason A (de) wrote: Enjoyable DTV actioneer from the Piper and mr. Tae Bo before he became a zillionaire. I think they teamed up in at least two more movies after this.

Tim O (mx) wrote: Even though the acting is subpar, and the plot was laughable you have to realize that the Head of Warners at the time meddled with the production from the start after they realized who Wes Craven was. Initially he wanted to disown the film after Warners demanded reshoots, inserts of additional gore against his wishes and the ending wasn't even the screenwriters and director's idea in the first place, it was the head of Warner Brothers at the time. So give Wes some slack.

Dave C (ag) wrote: I thought the stage show at the crown theatre in Perth was better

Adam R (br) wrote: One of the strangest animated movies I think I've ever seen, but I liked it a lot when I was younger. Very unique! (First viewing - Teen years)

Danny R (gb) wrote: Two slackers spend their Friday getting high and taking on the neighborhood bully. Normally I don't care for these kind of one dimensional comedies, however this comedy has character depth and the entire cast is wonderful in their respective roles which made me forget how simple the storyline is.

Roci G (br) wrote: tres buenas historias unidas x un tema dificil. el final debio ser diferente.. pero es buena