Empire of Assassins

Empire of Assassins

When tragic events claim the lives of his family, a vengeful man lays his grief aside and sets his sights on the man responsible ... never realizing that the enemy he seeks to destroy is actually his brother.

One man is out for revenge after a life-altering event destroys his family. After years of preparation he seeks out his justice, while unaware of their relation, on his brother. As these ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eric H (us) wrote: If there is a price for worst one liners in a movie or worst special effects this movie will kill the other competitors.I really suffered through this movie, so save your own life and don't watch it!

Kayla S (mx) wrote: I want to see the movie now

Umair Z (ru) wrote: I felt rage watching this. You don't have to like Michael Moore, but this will show you how shallow and sheep-like conservatives/right-wings are. This is not a Rep vs Dem argument. This is a liberal vs conservative one.

Lauri Anssi M (es) wrote: A good topic for a documentary, plenty of beef here. Still..maybe it was a bit too long. Many bizarre opinions, many colorful characters. They could have gone deeper in discussing why are there so many people who seem to be unable to have rational dialogue, people who resort to threats and shouting right from the start. Moore is a pretty good speaker, knows how to take his audience. Maybe they could've voted among students whether they want moore for a visit?

Allan C (au) wrote: One of my favorite Larry Cohen films is also one of his most off-beat. NYC detective, Tony Lo Bianco, is investigating a series of sniper shootings around the city, all with the shooters saying that God told them to do it. What the detective begins to discover is that there is a person or being claiming to be son of god returned to earth and is sending out his disciples to kill. I suppose you could say this film is kind of a gritty low budget version of something like "The Omen" with some "Chariots of the Gods" thrown in, but I'd say the ideas here are even more challenging than the slick Richard Donner film. Like many Cohen films, it unfolds like a police procedural with Lo Bianco uncovering mysteries surrounding virgin births, alien-like abductions and supernatural powers. It's a fascinating film, but I doubt it's a film that will appeal to most audiences. The cast also includes Sandy Dennis, Sylvia Sidney, Richard Lynch, and Andy Kaufman a policeman who goes on a shooting rampage at the Saint Patrick's Day parade.

Stephanie M (br) wrote: Living dead, ancient horror, flesh feeding, and an albino you'll see in every nightmare thereafter.

Simon C (jp) wrote: You'd think that Vincent Price with an army of scantily clad robot women would be an irresistible premise. I spent 89 minutes wanting to punch Frankie Avalon.

Gregory W (ag) wrote: kinda noir kinda thriller kinda good

Art S (nl) wrote: Irritu weaves together four seemingly disparate stories that link somewhat incidentally (but also consequentially). Each tale is filled with tension as characters engage in actions that you know they should not - that could and sometimes will end badly. Beginning in Morocco, we see two kids playing with a high powered rifle. Enough said. Then, in San Diego, a Mexican nanny needs to go to her son's wedding but her employers forbade her to go, leading her to take their kids to Mexico with her. Uh-oh. Back in Morocco, tourist Cate Blanchett is accidentally shot through the window of the bus she and Brad Pitt are travelling in. Damn. Finally, deaf-mute Rinko Kikuchi gradually unravels in Tokyo trying to cope with the suicide of her mother and just plain being a teenage girl. Hmmmm. Although each tale on its own is rather gripping, well shot, and well acted, the sum of the parts does not entirely cohere. Sure, you could draw parallels if you made the effort, but it shouldn't be this unclear. Drawing from the title, one could probably conclude that the message of the film is that communication between humans is inevitably problematic, both across and within cultures. No kidding.

Dave H (ag) wrote: I thought this was brilliant! It had me laughing the whole way. One of my favorite animated movies for sure. Jack Black and Dustin Hoffman were both fantastic.

Mr N (ru) wrote: Featuring stunning cinematography, impressive production design and great performances. Road to Perdition is beautiful, adventurous while also being brooding.

Ashley D (jp) wrote: found this boring and slow waste of a decent cast and was extra disappointed due to a solid enough opening 10 minutes

Leigh C (ag) wrote: low budget early 70's new york with a james brown soundtrack? it's so bad it's good