Empire of Passion

Empire of Passion

A young man has an affair with an older woman. He is very jealous of her husband and decides that they should kill him. One night, after the husband had plenty of sake to drink and was in bed, they strangle him and dump his body down a well. To avert any suspicions, she pretends her husband has gone off to Tokyo to work. For three years the wife and her lover secretly see each other. Finally, suspicions become very strong and people begin to gossip. To make matters worse, her husband's ghost begins to haunt her and the law arrives to investigate her husband's disappearance.

A young man has an affair with an older woman. He is very jealous of her husband and decides that they should kill him. One night, after the husband had plenty of sake to drink and was in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nick P (kr) wrote: Doc about the now-defunct recording studio that produced a wide range of hits from the 70s through the 00s, directed by Dave Grohl. The film has two distinct halves: the first documents a history of the studio, and the second is a string of session recordings from artists who worked at the studio. The first half consists entirely of interviewed talking heads; due to the format it feels rather disjointed, and could have benefitted from narration conveying a narrative thread. Still, it's a fairly absorbing little music history lesson, focusing primarily on Fleetwood Mac, Rick Springfield, Tom Petty and Nirvana, along with changes in technology and culture.The real draw is the second half, though. It gives an insight into the process of composing in a spontaneous live format, and the personalities involved. The artists convey different approaches, and the interviews continue to provide further background. By the end you'll feel thoroughly immersed in what it takes to create great music... and there's a lot of it made right here. If you enjoyed Amadeus, you'll find similar spine-tingling buttons pushed here, despite being a totally different film.Also, Paul McCartney still has a ridiculously powerful voice.

Holli H (jp) wrote: I love this movie and the book too.

Margaret H (mx) wrote: Moving story of an all too familiar disease and it's effects on a marriage. Well done!

Lata G (de) wrote: I really enjoyed this 2005 Independent film. It is set in rural Minnesota right after World War I when a mail order bride of German origin arrives to marry a young hard working farmer. Elizabeth Reaser and Tim Guinee turn in such wonderful performances and there is such great chemistry between them. Inge (Elizabeth Reaser) struggles against language barriers, and social prejudices. Theirs is a soft but lovely love story..

Anson P (br) wrote: funny Jamie Foxx was great in this part

Robert I (au) wrote: Not the funniest movie ever, but good cast, good people, good times. Happy endings abound.

Susan S (us) wrote: Un film quebecois vraiment bien. Lorsque le film est termine, nous l'apportons dans notre tete, pour un bon moment. Particulierement lorsque nous avons des enfants du meme age. Bravo !!!

Mark E (nl) wrote: Not as bad as it sounds..wish they'd make some more (with the 'right' cast)

Caroline SicilianAmerican (us) wrote: MUCH better than "moonstruck" this movie actually has a story and the actors are all incredible. I love Danny Aiello the most, probably because 89% of the time in this film he reminds me of my dad, and it's like watching him on the screen. The story is entertaining and more. It truly depicts an Italian-American family and hits the nail on the head with the constant yelling and fighting and putting each other down. Of course, I wouldn't know too much about that; I'm Sicilian =D See this movie, if you don't like it the first time, you probably will the 5th time like me =P

Isabelle C (it) wrote: The top of the top.....

Deek B (ca) wrote: I think I can say this is Bakshi's best movie. He didn't hold much back in terms of sexism and racism, which was important to point out the racial stereotypes at the time. Of course, if you're easily offended, this movie will definitely do that. Just ask Jesse Jackson.

Nate D (jp) wrote: I gotta be honest, re-watching it, it isn't that funny. But it has some very memorable moments that make it one of the most quotable movies I've ever seen.