A young intellectual, Mati, engineers himself into a situation where he has to spend a weekend with his wife Helina and her lover Eduard. The trio goes to Eduard's summer house, surrounded by the majestic scenery of big forests and an empty beach. Mati, either out of jealousy or pride, has decided to win back his wife and will do anything his introverted and inert mind can come up with. What is love? Who can believe in such a thing? Is there anything at all to believe in? It can in its own minimalist way be a very funny experience and also a sad one to be dragged into this world. This film depicts with great accuracy how it is to feel love being an Estonian, someone who is used to low temperatures and repressed emotions.

A young intellectual, Mati, engineers himself into a situation where he has to spend a weekend with his wife Helina and her lover Eduard. The trio goes to Eduard's summer house, surrounded ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul D (ag) wrote: A moody drama that's not quite as bleak as the setting, but one that does explore 'being' through a slightly unsettling father-daughter relationship.

Maricris M (nl) wrote: Definitely makes you think! Just crazy!

Robyn M (de) wrote: If your looking for a feel good film, You've found it!New In Town is as exciting as well... having to shovel my front pavement. It's spark or lack of had me yawning and wondering why my mother dragged me to this movie in the first place. It just seemed to be too perfect, and the ending was rushed. Maybe from low budget? or because they ran out of time?

Matti K (nl) wrote: Paul Shapiron (kuka hn ikin onkaan) ohjaama "Spring Break Shark Attack" on televisiota varten tehty b-luokan kauhuelokuva, joka muistuttaa lhinn keskivertoa huonompaa Beverly Hills 90210:n jaksoa muutamalla tiikerihailla hystettyn. Ei ole mitn syyt katsoa tt elokuvaa, ellei sitten satu olemaan hai-kauhun ystv kuten allekirjoittanut (outoa sinns, sill kyseess on leffagenre jossa on vain yksi edustuskelpoinen elokuva).

Andy B (de) wrote: i loved vary much and vary well acted and whiten lovely performances by my 2 faves=)

EvaLena I (au) wrote: Like this about a young man that learn how to be a young father

Private U (nl) wrote: Sigo pensando que es la mejor muestra de cine criollo...pa qu...

Steve S (de) wrote: ***Due to the recent RT changes that have basically ruined my past reviews, I am mostly only giving a rating rather than a full review.***

Brooks C (au) wrote: In the city of Din, there exists "The Rushers of Din" (perhaps a satirical reference to the modern society's working class) whose lives are controlled by the Cosmic Clock. The clock controls every hour of the day and night as the inhabitants of Din live, work, play, and sleep. During the dead of night a magical hermit named Greensleeves sends out his dream creatures known as the "Figmen of Imagination" to instill good dreams into the slumbering residents of Din. He is rivaled by his arch nemesis Synonamess Botch, the ruler of the land of Murkworks and the bringer of nightmares.Botch hatches a diabolical plan to use his ravens to deploy nightmare bombs all over Din in the hope of plunging the world into nightmares. Two most unlikely heroes are chosen to set things right: Ralph- an all-purpose animal who can shapeshift into anything at any given situation and Mumford- a mute Charlie Chaplin look-a-like who can only talk in sound effects. Botch tricks them into tampering with the Cosmic Clock only to end up loosening and losing the spring that drives it to Botch. Thus, stopping time and putting Din into an eternal slumber. Along the way they come across a no-nonsense fairy godmother, an amateur superhero Rod Rescueman, an aspiring actress Flora Fauna, Botch's screamwriter Scuzzbopper, and a video-faced gorilla named Ibor, who talks through pop cultural referencing images that appear on his screen. Twice Upon a Time is a rather unique, yet nearly forgotten gem of a movie. Having been made by the Ladd Company and one of the early films that was produced by Lucasfilm and George Lucas himself, Twice Upon a Time only saw a limited theatrical release due to The Ladd Company nearing bankruptcy and licensing issues. This also resulted in the movie being a box office flop. Despite this, the movie did help to introduce a unique animation style of animation that John Korty referred to as "Lumage"- a technique that uses characters that are crafted out of construction paper on a light table with a blend of live-action rendered environments/segments. Korty utilized such a technique earlier in some of the Sesame Street shorts and ironically one of the voice actors of those shorts just so happened to be the brother of the now famous director David Fincher. Much of these animated shorts were made in Korty's barn and such directors like George Lucas, Francis-Ford Coppola, and Henry Selick (one of the animators for the surreal action sequence where Ralph and Mumford are attacked by office supplies) started off their careers there. While "Twice Upon a Time" does use repeated animation sometimes the manner in which its style is used to complement its story is very unique. While not the first movie to utilize the cutout style of animation, the creativity that is used to blend in live-action footage and backgrounds helps to provide the viewer a dream-based, fantasy, tour-de-force is really well done. There are places in which the story can drag a little, such as Floura Fiona's character gag about being an aspiring actress and Rod Rescueman's bumbling antics of trying to woo her.Comedians and famous radio actors improvise much of the dialogue. As far as I know, there exist multiple edits of this film, but there are two more prominent ones in particular: a more family- oriented version and one with more adult language. The former was Korty's more intended version. The latter was once aired on HBO, but Korty threatened legal action of they ever showed that version of the film again. In the more adult version, Marshal Efron caters toward the raunchier aspects of his character, Botch who curses more frequently and is more inhumane to his vulture minions. There where a lot more politics involved during the making. As mentioned before, Korty preferred a more family-oriented approach, but the writer/producer Bill Coutrie catered more towards making it a more mature film in response to the walkouts that occurred during its early screenings. Despite the cast consisting of improvisational comedians, the actors shine through as their characters. Two of which: Lorenzo Music and Julie Payne are famous for voicing Garfield and Dr. Liz Wilson in the classic cartoon "Garfield and Friends". There are some times where the dialogue can be too briskly delivered, but nothing comes off as too awkward, though the worst the film can get is questionable in terms of decision making. The first time I've ever seen "Twice Upon a Time" was back in 1998 when it aired on Cartoon Network's Cartoon Theatre. I remember being much in awe with this movie and eagerly anticipated it to air again, but it never did. It got a limited VHS release and was destined to become an underground cult film that would almost fade into the ether. Fortunately, TCM has aired it earlier last year and the Warner Bros. Archive finally gave it a DVD release that contains both the family-oriented and more adult version. Both tell the same story, only with the latter having some more edgy character quirks. Among other reasons, movies like "Twice Upon a Time" have been the main reason why I've gotten into reviewing. It's always been such a passionate satisfaction of mine to promote such hidden, more obscure gems such as this. "Twice Upon a Time" is not perfect and does have its flaws; I do however feel as if it deserves a place of relevancy along with the great animated movies of Don Bluth and Ralph Bakshi. The unique animation, fantastic soundtrack, likable characters, and creative story make "Twice Upon a Time" a movie that any animation enthusiast should check out. I gave kudos to Warner Bros. for finally giving this movie a needed DVD release, but I must add that it really demands a soundtrack.

Johnathon W (ca) wrote: Comedy classic that remains one of the best spoofs ever made and is probably even better than "Blazing Saddles". The cast is superb, with Gene Wilder giving the performance of his career as the title character, giving a neurotic energy to Frankenstein. He gets wonderful support from the rest of the cast, particularly Marty Feldman who steals every scene with his distinctive eyes alone, while Peter Boyle as the Monster brings life with every movement & grunt. Behind the camera, Mel Brooks (with a fantastic story crafted by Gene Wilder himself) pays a loving tribute to the classic Universal monster movies, shooting the film in the same style & black & white (a move that nearly cost the film it's funding), while the actors capture the overacting style. The film is filled with so many sight-gags & one-liners, you will get a new laugh with each viewing. Plus, it's even sharper than Brooks's other classic, "Blazing Saddles", which says a lot since that is another comedy classic. Simply put, one of the funniest movies ever made and only gets funnier with age.