Empty Nest

Empty Nest

Empty Nest tells the story of a couple who have to struggle to find themselves after their children grow up and move out. It starts out as a fairly simple story of a couple but becomes complicated by a series of events that may or may not be occurring only in Leonardo’s mind.

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Empty Nest torrent reviews

Kevin F (ag) wrote: this looks so freakin' retarded

Laura B (nl) wrote: Either one or only two, i don't know but it was not a great movie :P

Mohammed A (au) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Eetu H (nl) wrote: kaikilla kastikkeilla

Frances H (kr) wrote: Anthony Hopkins gives a wonderful performance, as usual and Joan Allen heads a stellar cast in this fascinating film about a pivotal moment in American history. I liked the flashbacks, and the last hour of the movie particularly, as well as the creatively licensed angle that Stone puts on it, although the first part of the biopic was a bit slow. I preferred this film to JFK, which tended to go off the deep end even more, in my humble opinion.

Sanna L (ru) wrote: Not bad for a movie from 1994 (!). Germans can apparently do comedy with a good timing. The plot's not that great but the actors are.

Saku N (de) wrote: Blah. I finally decided to watch this movie because...well why not. I didn't enjoy it, nobody to root for and everyone was just damn ignorant, disrespectful and dumb. I can't relate to that life so there's nothing in it for me to give props to. Just damn sad....

Jason S (mx) wrote: Damn were standards low in the 80's

Nina S (kr) wrote: An amazing movie. How Wajda got it past the censors is beyond me.

Russell S (us) wrote: A movie than certainly deserves better than it gets criticism wise. Yes the script is a little sappy here and there but the movie dares to take a different route this time which for my money pays off quite well in the end. By no means a classic but certainly as worthy of being a part of the cannon as Rocky IV.

DJ L (br) wrote: This is the typical overly preachy attempt by Christians to paint all atheists as hateful and militant jerks. These types of movies are terrible for entertainment and worse for helping Christians engage those from a different perspective.