En busca de Santa Claus

En busca de Santa Claus


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Pierre B (br) wrote: I dunno why I watched it. My not interested review explains it all. It got a rated r for the slight nudity 2 minutes before the show started. All it needed was a max of 5 minutes to eject the dvd and never again see the light of day.

Andrew L (kr) wrote: This is not a good movie. While there are some high points, there are a lot of lows. The directing was decent but a lot of the points of the beautiful scenery didn't make much sense since the main character had little to no money. There should have been more done to show that Josh Hutcherson's character wasn't living a life of luxury. The other low point had to be with the interactions with characters associated with Hayden Panettiere's character. The fights had little to no substance or reasoning, except for the first one. So they fight, beat each other up, and be friends the next day. Repeat that a few times, and then that is most of the character development you get for Josh Hutcherson's character. The acting wasn't that great either but for a good portion of the movie there isn't much dialogue, so the movie must rely on the visual side of things and that doesn't quite work as well as it should have. Definitely not worth the rent.

Stephen C (br) wrote: While the film is overloaded with cliches such as the buddy cop, one weird, one straight laced with a pretty decent sci-fi concept; the film doesn't fall too far into cheese or rise above the niche it's in. Thus it floats in a passable form.

Janet M (nl) wrote: Looks like it might be worth a laugh I might give it a look.

Dillon L (ru) wrote: one of my all time fav action movies

Private U (mx) wrote: This is actually a really good movie. I love the music used, and it is extremely funny throughout. Robert O'Toole is great along with everyone else.

sandy s (ag) wrote: i love this movie. if you have never seen it please try too

Javier D (kr) wrote: Fue la primera pelicula de Fellini que vi. Julieta, quien es una se#nora de alta alcurnia, sospecha que su marido le es infiel... Para escapar de su problema, empieza a comportarse de una manera poco convencional. Participa en las orgias que organiza la vecina, asiste a espectaculos exoticos o recordando situaciones pasadas y distorcionandolas de la realidad. Y es en estos 'sue#os' en los que al parecer ella se siente mas comoda...

Mitchell M (ag) wrote: David Tennant accomplishes what very few actors have ever done by giving us a brand new take on the Prince of Denmark. Sir Patrick Stewart is a chillingly gregarious King in this top flight production.

Adrian M (gb) wrote: Can't understand the 10% this movie has. It's a fun action flick that doesn't take itself too seriously. It's not THAT bad. It kept me watching.

Alex P (nl) wrote: I'd heard a lot about this one going in, but I'm sad to say that The Fitzgerald Family Christmas just failed to win me over, as it's just boggled down by some terrible dialogue, uneven pacing, way too many characters to follow (all of which are idiotic and unlikable as hell), and a very generic plot. Not even he terrific leading performance from Edward Burns can save this film from being more than just average.

Holly L (ru) wrote: I liked it. I wanted to see better dancing though. That girl Lil Steph was sick! But over all it was alright