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Ajinkya P (au) wrote: A conscience-awakening film which asks many pertinent questions with influencing the way you see your life. I wouldn't categorised it into 'arty-farty' movie. The philosophical/intellectual 'masturbation' of the monk and the lawyer as well gives you chills. I couldn't help but compare this movie to 4 Oscars winning movie 'Life of Pi', with 'SOT' being better in every aspect. And oh my! the cinematography!! Couldn't have been more insightful and can be put on the level of any Terrence Malick flick. Some frames were so enthralling that it could count as a painting. I think the new age/ new wave Indian cinema has reached its peak! Anand Gandhi and Pankaj Kumar, take a bow guys, you earned it!P.S. FFI, please send it to the Oscars for fuck's sake! :/

Nick A (jp) wrote: Above average for the creation of the atmosphere, and for the detailed character depictation. The plot, on the other hand, was weird. It's like they wanted to make a decent Wishmaster movie, while ignoring the wishmaster himself. I don't think a predator would play with food like that.

Meya P (ca) wrote: A very weird movie... Not too bad overall, but weird nonetheless and pretty unpredictable the whole way... It has a whooole lotta different things going on - different relationships w/ seemingly a million characters, but it all somehow comes together in the end....for the most part anywayThe film touches on a pretty controversial, sensitive and very real issue within the African-American community.. Not gonna say much more than that, so as to not give anything away... Anyway, I might not recommend this to everyone, but at least some.

Russell G (au) wrote: I hate Wal-Mart as much as anyone so I was excited to see this but I have to say I was extremely disappointed with this. They begin with it closing local store but it quickly loses track the big picture. Far too much of the movie focuses on the workers conditions. This film fails to hit you with necessary stats and facts to support their case. Instead it has countless boring individual testimonies of workers, managers, and communities to build their case, which comes off as opinionated. They also do not focus enough on communities that have legally acted to restrict Wal-Mart from coming to their communities. There should be more about the process and benefit those communities have had from these policies. Why couldn't this movie have business experts, economists, and government figures to back their arguments, gain credibility, and to inject more provoking thoughts and dimension to the subject?

Atheer O (jp) wrote: I usually hate blends of animation and live action with characters interacting with each other but this one was different. It did the job with style by transforming the animated characters into cartoon-minded real actors. This unique idea made much of the charm for the movie. Not to mention the amazing performance by Amy Adams.

Manny C (br) wrote: same crap as seen in this kind of movies

Timothy S (fr) wrote: An engaging if slightly sentimental story of overcoming abuse and abandonment.

Chris C (de) wrote: Charming, action-packed and funny, Grosse Pointe Blank blends action, comedy and romance perfectly with a well executed narrative and a strong lead performance by John Cusack.

Staci R (ag) wrote: One of my favorite movies ever in the history of movies.

Al P (ag) wrote: U havent seen for the Boys?? What is wrong with you man!

Jonna k (jp) wrote: it was a wery good one even thou it was old.. and it was kind of funny in some spots xD

Adam R (es) wrote: A terrible plot with bad acting from Cher and Nicolas Cage make Moonstruck very overrated. (First and only viewing - 4/25/2013)

Jose M (ag) wrote: In life, you will have people that will laugh and say "You can't remake a classic?" The case has been mostly true throughout this generation starting Marcus Nispel's remake that launched dozens of remakes. Before that film, we had a remake of Psycho which was panned. However, this idea did not affect a young Werner Herzog's Nosferatu- the Vampyre. His vision of the 1922 classic is an incredible masterpiece. Its tone and gloomy atmosphere defines horror and the end of times as Count Dracula spread his terror and this time with no legal issues. Set in Gothic Germany, the film follows the basic plot and key characters of a Dracula film. If you have seen the original Dracula, you know what is to happen. Artistically shot and vision by Herzog, the film is pure poetry which is what imagine Herzog's films like. The film is not without its terrific performances Klaus Klinski as Count Dracula, Isabelle Adjani as Lucy Harker, Bruno Ganz as Johnathan Harker, and Walter Ladengast as Van Helsing. Klinksi's Count Dracula is a solemn heinous and evil with much disgust and creepy. His encounter with Lucy is one of my favorite.

Ben L (jp) wrote: From what I hear there is a cut from original director, Richard Donner, that fixes some of the issues I have with this film. But you'll have to bear with me because Netflix only provides the theatrical (Richard Lester) cut. The huge missteps in this film are when it takes very odd cartoon-like turns that don't fit with the rest of the tone (For instance the cellophane "S" that Superman throws at Non.) I also have some issues with the random nature of many of the super powers. Instead of holding to the standard ones we know...Zod seems to have telekinesis, they all can shoot beams of energy out of their fingers, and Superman has mind-altering kisses. At a certain point it feels like they are just randomly assigning whatever power the plot needs them to have. Aside from that, I think this is a very good Superman film. Just like its predecessor, this movie spends a fair amount of time focusing on how much Superman loves humanity. The primary theme of the plot is based on him sacrificing his own happiness in order to save the world. That makes for a very strong superhero story. And the fight sequences between the Kryptonians might seem slow by today's standards, but I thought it did a nice job highlighting the uniqueness of each combatant. My personal preference at this point is to watch three Superman films: Superman, Superman II, and then Superman Returns. Then I ignore anything that came between or after these movies. It makes for a strong trilogy and encapsulates all the best of the man of steel I grew to love as a child.