En el nombre del padre

En el nombre del padre

En el andar frente a c?mara desfila las historias de una familia de inmigrantes jud?os, los juegos de la infancia, la adolescencia y los conflictos de una generaci?n signada por los avatares de la historia reciente.

En el andar frente a c?mara desfila las historias de una familia de inmigrantes jud?os, los juegos de la infancia, la adolescencia y los conflictos de una generaci?n signada por los avatares de la historia reciente. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Angel H (br) wrote: will love to see this movie

wicked A (de) wrote: Liberal agenda pushing garbage... what a disappointing waste of money.

Bilal S (de) wrote: The movie is great and interesting but the climax part in the end just kills the while plot.

Linnea H (au) wrote: Perhaps not the best film I've seen lately but certainly not the worst. Feels weird and kinda worng to hear Thompson and Rickman speak with Amercian accent though, like them better with a British accent.

JY S (gb) wrote: "Real Fight, Real Karate, Real Japan." That tag line about sums up this karate action drama picture from Shunichi Nagasaki.Set in 1930's Japan Black Belt tells the tale of 3 karate students after their master reaches the after life. Actually, 2 of the students become the focus of the film, while the 3rd falls into the background. The story follows the paths taken by the 2 main characters and they are quite different. One follows his master's teachings, while the other strays away down his own dark path. In a sense, this movie has the good versus evil concept going for it. With that said, the plot is VERY predictable and there are no real surprises. The pacing is also very slow with only a moderate amount of action. The 90 minutes will not fly by.What this movie will do is catch certain people's attention with the realism of the characters and settings, the message of the story, and the focus on karate. This is all fine and dandy, but many will still find this movie to be quite uneventful.The action is all realistic karate fights. This means there is no fancy choreography or any wire work involved. This also means that the fights aren't all that entertaining, unless one appreciates the style of karate. The film even switches to black and white for the final fight.The nice thing about the casting is that 3 real-life karate masters are chosen for the 3 students. This is why the film is as realistic as it is. Their acting is also pretty good.Black Belt isn't about fancy martial arts or cheap thrills and this will pretty much determine who will enjoy it and who won't. Give this film a try if this sounds like something for you.

Kylie J (es) wrote: Great movie, excellent acting by william mc innes. was very involved with this flic

Doug K (ca) wrote: Quality cast. Very good, dark, neighborhood story.

Jalissa S (jp) wrote: A very nice movie for Christians with a very true and valuable message as it compares times from now (when this movie was filmed even then were times a bit cleaner but still not) and 100 years ago! It's a must watch as it will remind you how we and the world have lost its fear of God! Look at kids now days when there problems and continual disobedience! I very nice and I highly recommend it and hope the Lord vists you through it.

Fem M (ru) wrote: Just LOL. I love Damon.

Russell H (au) wrote: Morgan Freeman is the man. Nothing too exciting but not bad

David A (fr) wrote: The camera shots and the story could have been handled much better, but "Last Action Hero" entertains thanks to its self-parody theme and Arnold's likeable on-screen presence. It had potential, but the movie never fully capitalize on that. I love Arnold's delivery when he said, "It's a bomb!" Too funny!!

Jason M (it) wrote: As a northern Italian teacher is assigned to an elementary school in southern Italy, the cultural clashes result in gut-wrenching laughs. This silly and simple film is so genuine that the viewer does not doubt that they situations are real and not a film, which makes it that much more comedic. Empathy towards the protagonist is difficult to avoid. We understand why there are such cultural discrepancies in Italy between its industrial north and agrarian south through the personalities of the children in this film and their family situations. This can only be a positive and hilarious film viewing experience and should have 100% RT rating!

Brian P (ag) wrote: This was surprisingly really good

emily h (es) wrote: Pretty awful Hayden was really hot tho

Steven M (ca) wrote: Classic King Aruther and Merlin movie.