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En fuera de juego

Diego dreamed of becoming a football player as a child but his hopes were soon smashed because of his lack of talent...

Diego dreamed of becoming a football player as a child but his hopes were soon smashed because of his lack of talent... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Juliana C (au) wrote: veeeeeeeeery good movie !!!!!!!!!!!!

Cam M (kr) wrote: ok for a low budget film. Probably the only version of Beowulf that has him with a grenade launcher!

Bram v (de) wrote: ik kak in mijn broek

Karsh D (jp) wrote: Exciting action adventure film as terrorists take control of the presidents plane

Justin B (ca) wrote: The reemergence of old-school, slow building suspense horror films like Paranormal Activity, House of the Devil and The Conjuring has been both a blessing and a curse; spawning countless imitators that have no idea how to follow through properly. This is what I like to call a "Google scene" horror movie where every scare is followed by a slow and uneventful trip to the library or Grandma's house in order to progress the plot. Annabelle imitates the content it's ripped off from without success.

Alex T (br) wrote: Though a dynamic break from the usual format of the Hellraiser series, and being so dramatically different that it could be viewed as unrelated: the film may of potentially upset some Hellraiser puritans. That being said, the break is refreshing from the earlier concepts of the series, which were beginning to become tired. Playing on the perversions of the mind, the eternal nightmare, paranoia, isolation and waking sleep, the film has some memorable moments and some gory elements that make it an above average entry to the series. Imagine a gritty cop thriller taken, turned on its head and distorted into a maddening world where nothing is safe. The ending is good, if a little predictable, but this does not spoil its over all enjoyment, nor its quite memorable nature. One of my favourites of the series, despite its differences, Inferno is worth a watch for those that may of fallen out with the series earlier along.

Hanson M (kr) wrote: Best christian movie I've seen.

Nathan M (kr) wrote: A film that tries too much, but is an admirable effort and mostly works. This may be the best performance by Clive Owen in a film yet. It's a layered performance that brings the character to life in a way that most romantic comedies don't ever touch. Also, it's his best American accent to date. Binoche is also pretty great. She seemed to struggle a little with the comedic beats, but her portrayal of a woman struggling with a disease that inhibits her ability to participate in her passion was pretty wonderful.The film itself is very interesting, right up to the 75 minute mark. It felt like the film starting adding some subplots that weren't necessary, and then the film feels like it goes on about 25 minutes too long. Had this been a 90 minute film that was solely about these two characters overcoming their struggles it might have been better. Or if it had been about these two teachers inspiring their students, that would have also been better. Or if the script had a few more drafts under its belt all of the ideas would have been better serviced.But in the end, it's still a pretty interesting film that has some really solid moments within. Many of the characters are really well-constructed and you begin to really care about them. It's not a perfect film, but it's one of the best romantic comedies I've seen in recent years.

Rod C (it) wrote: This Movie was part of our basic training whilst doing my national service in 1970 it has been seen by all recruits in the Australian army for a long time