En gång i Phuket

En gång i Phuket

Sven, the average Swedish guy, bored with his life, decides to go to Thailand to write a novel and "get away from the rat race". He meets a range of peculiar characters and learns a few things about love, friendship and himself.

Sven, the average Swedish guy, bored with his life, decides to go to Thailand to write a novel and "get away from the rat race". He meets a range of peculiar characters and learns a few things about love, friendship and himself. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Katarina K (jp) wrote: Although it could have more of its awkwardly funny moments, it's fresh, innovative and emotional. Plus, kudos for strong female protagonists.

Eivind A (br) wrote: 3 random climbers are killing and raping hikers for no reason, and then everyone ends up dead.

Lisa W (fr) wrote: E and I both rate this a 4.

Dean T (au) wrote: A low budget b-list film which manages to straddle being both 'over-the-top farce' and 'touching coming-out'.A kind-hearted exploration of coming out, family and seasonal fun. It is amateurish, but sweet natured. All in all, not one of the best lgbt films out there, but certainly not one of the worst. Manages to avoid the stereotypical brutal angst; so common in gay-related romances; without being too light on it either.

Alailson B (fr) wrote: Direo excepcional, roteiro excelente e atuaes perfeitas transformam Deixa Ela Entrar em um dos grandes filmes deste sculo.

DoUgLaS H (mx) wrote: real gory getto film great to watch but gory in most bits.

Denise B (us) wrote: This is my favorite Andy Garcia movie so far.

Shweta K (fr) wrote: a movie which touched my heart ..& d ending part is d most tragedic part

Paul R (br) wrote: I will never forget the line,"all you want to do is poke dents in my babies head."

Tim S (us) wrote: Innocent Blood was released in 1992 and was one of John Landis' final major films before he semi-tired (and bombed enormously with Blues Brothers 2000). It stars a wealth of working and character actors, including Robert Loggia, Anthony LaPaglia and Don Rickles, as well as French actress Anne Parillaud in the title role. The film is a sexy but funny and scary vampire movie, in the vein of An American Werewolf in London, which Landis also directed. Once the story gets going, and people begin turning into vampires, the fun factor level gets very high. It's not meant to be taken seriously and is pretty funny most of the time. There also some great cameos by Forrest J. Ackerman, Sam Raimi, Tom Savini and Dario Argento if you keep your eyes peeled. It's a fun little horror movie that deserves better treatment on home video, that's for sure.

Jed D (ag) wrote: These types of films were so well done, in the 1990s. Dustin Hoffman, was outstanding. Loren Dean's performance was nothing short of brilliant. Excellent!

W Terry A (kr) wrote: I love ninja movies. In fact this is one of the earliest ones I remember. I believe I will have to watch the whole series again!

Blake P (fr) wrote: "Lost Horizon" is a fantasy dream of epic proportions, making for an appealing blend of blithesome pleasures and complex symbolism. From one side, it's a beautifully photographed adventure in the same vein of a Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger collaboration, but on the other, it has the cerebral heaviness of a playful "Metropolis." Directed by Frank Capra, master of the feel-good masterpiece ("It Happened One Night," "It's a Wonderful Life"), "Lost Horizon" was the result of a passion project, marred by serious budgeting and running time issues. Originally, the film was nearly six hours in length, with an ardent Capra shooting every scene from an overzealous number of angles. For a scene lasting just four minutes, Capra would use over 6,000 feet of film, the amount normally used for an hour's worth of photography. The budget swelled to almost $3 million, thanks to the extensive use of exterior shots and the hazardous dilemmas caused by the snowy sets. I could go on, but a happy ending is in store, and, if you're more curious than you'd like to admit, Wikipedia is readily available. Ultimately, Capra, along with Columbia boss Harry Cohn cuts hours upon hours of footage, much of it lost over the years. The film was restored in 1999 and again in 2013, inserting still pictures in certain scenes to fill in gaps left by regrettable cuts. Presently, "Lost Horizon" is a woozy combination of crisp repairs, slightly murky discoveries, and awkwardly placed pictures. In many cases, impartiality can be highly destructive. "Lost Horizon" is one of the lucky ones. It's so self-assured in nearly every other category that the cruelty it was once thrust into in the editing room is completely forgivable. Capra despaired over the film until the day he died, but it's hard to believe that a movie as stimulating and as effortlessly paced as this one could have been marked by even the slightest of a difficulty. It's a forgotten classic. Adapted from James Hilton's 1933 novel of the same name, the film focuses on five refugees who escape a violent revolution in China. After a long night of flying, Alexander Lovett (Edward Everett Horton), the stuffy intellectual of the group, looks out the window as is astonished by what he sees - it appears that they are traveling in the completely opposite direction of their destination. They have been kidnapped. The plane eventually crashes in an undiscovered zone in the Himalayas, killing the pilot. The group is quickly discovered by a Chinese caravan, who then leads them to an oasis within the mountain range, known as Shangri-La. Shangri-La is ethereal, to say the least. It's an entrance to an entirely new world, where the skies are always sunny, the flowers are always in bloom, the people are always good-hearted, and aging isn't a consideration. The leader of the group, Robert Conway (Ronald Colman) is instantly smitten - but will he, along with his fellow travelers, last in this too-good-to-be-true idyllic land? Films in the 1930s were almost strictly uplifting, dressed to the nines in screwball comedies, musicals, and set designs that suggested that poverty didn't exist and even the nobodies could afford butlers and caviar. Turn to any Rogers & Astaire pairing, any Ernst Lubitsch romp - that was 90% of what audiences were used to. Everyone wanted a break from The Great Depression, after all. "Lost Horizon" retains the uplifting persona of the era, but avoids all the first class garbage that felt delicious at first but eventually left a bad taste in your mouth. It is, first and foremost, an adventure film, making you feel like a child again at every turn. Shangri-La is a bewitching world that makes the fantasy genre seem delightful all over again, and the fact that it lies somewhere deep in the Himalayas makes it all the more special, all the more untouchably engaging. It is heaven for people who have goodness in their hearts, but it's a hell for those who are too self-serving and sinful. But forget all the heaven and hell comparisons - "Lost Horizon" is escapism of the highest common denominator. You'll want to be swept away, not sit there with analytical expectations. Much of the film's success is largely due to Capra, who, despite the setbacks he faced while filming, makes a movie so easy to devour that you can't help but want to have more. He's always been able to piece together a popcorn film with brains, but "Lost Horizon" is certainly his most ambitious moment. Though his own unrealistic goals pushed film's budget to places it couldn't afford, the result is something of a wonder. The sets are absolutely stunning, combing Asian decor with art deco modernness, and the photography, however indulgent it may be, is lively and plenty dreamy, the black-and-white giving it an innocent, fantastical ambiance. "Lost Horizon" could have been damaged goods, but it overcomes those damages and becomes goods for the ages. Capra may have sweat a bullet or two, but one can hardly remember "It's a Wonderful Life" when swept up into the luster of "Lost Horizon."

Daryl T (fr) wrote: Makes you really appreciate The Walking Dead. This remake has no soul.

Scott C (us) wrote: I can't remember this at all.

Chris S (es) wrote: Starts off okay, but doesn't really follow the original story that well after a while. It gets boring and adds unnecessary plot lines that aren't in the book.