En glad gutt

En glad gutt

Øjvind, a smallholder's boy, is a close friend with Marit, a farmer's girl, throughout their entire childhood. As an adolescent he one day recognizes that she has become a maiden, and that he has fallen in love with her. When he sees Marit dancing with Jon Halten, a farmer's son, he gets sad, and notices that when you start loving someone, you are not cheerful any more. He senses the social distance between himself and Marit, and tries to compensate this by becoming the best pupil in the village. Øjvind wants to study at an agricultural college, and the old schoolmaster helps him to arrange this. When he some years later returns to the village as an agronomist, he and Marit resume their romance. Because of their different social status Marit's grandfather, Ola Nordistua, tries to stop the liaison. With new agricultural methods Øjvind helps his father to get better harvests. At the same time the old Ola Nordistua sees his farm going downhill as no one really cares for it.

Øjvind, a smallholder's boy, is a close friend with Marit, a farmer's girl, throughout their entire childhood. As an adolescent he one day recognizes that she has become a maiden, and that ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joshua C (nl) wrote: I couldn't stop laughing...by far the worst zombie movie...and the scene where the guy's questioning God...omg...that was the worst!!!!! hahahaha....get drunk/stoned and watch this one...don't do it sober....

Alexis W (gb) wrote: laughed so hard I cried

Heather E (fr) wrote: Amazing - very touching

Stephanie A (it) wrote: Decent movie. Intriguing plot and pretty funny at times, although I was super disappointed with the movie's resolution. However, it is supposed to be based on a true story, so I guess you can't help how it ends, although I felt it was kind of abrupt.

Gabriel C (it) wrote: Gorgeous animation and a talented cast make The Boxtrolls a solid, if not memorable addition to Laika's library of animated films.

Paul B (us) wrote: One of the most pathetic excuses for a survival thriller of the 2000s. Flight of the Phoenix is repetitive, tedious, abysmally acted, and pretentious.

Matt M (de) wrote: An unusually two dimensional addition to Eastwood's filmography. Space Cowboys is the story of four aged astronauts who jump at the opportunity of going on a trip to the moon. Little do they know that they are simply part of a NASA publicity stunt. This film is full of implausibilities, however, that is sadly not the only thing that is unremarkable about this film. As mentioned before, it's quite two dimensional and structured. All the characters are well defined and the plot developments pretty predictable. Nevertheless, one could still do worse when looking for a different tile of light entertainment. The humour is soft spoken yet welcome, and mixes well with both the dramatic aspects and the science fiction aspect of the story. There is also some charm in seeing Eastwood share screen time with Tommy Lee Jones, Donald Sutherland and James Garner - a random match that tastefully doesn't take anything away from the actual story and doesn't make the film seem like a nostalgia publicity stunt, for want of making reference to the plot of Space Cowboys.

Christian C (ca) wrote: One of my favorite movies of all time. Love everything about this film

Ash E (ru) wrote: I watched this movie once. It was so good, but so heartbreaking. I balled for about 20 minutes after the credits stopped running.

Viktor N (au) wrote: A quite insignificant movie.. Not the worst i've seen but defenitely not the greatest either.. I probably had to high expectations.

Anna B (au) wrote: I wouldn't usually rate films I watch through MST3K, but this one is especially dire and I think deserves special mention. Not even Joel and the bots can make watching this anything other than a painful experience. Most of the film is grey blurs moving across grey backgrounds with annoying music, bad dialogue and even worse acting. I fucking hated this.

Micah L (ca) wrote: A study in humanity. The scene collecting the grass is awakening.

Waleed A (mx) wrote: great movie, very funny, good fighting, a rare sequel that is better than the original, even if just slightly. partners work well together

Jon K (kr) wrote: The movie was originally titled 404 Days, but they had to cut the ending off and save it for the sequel.