En la cuerda floja

En la cuerda floja


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En la cuerda floja torrent reviews

Logan H (ca) wrote: The Soska made horror a thing

Dave S (gb) wrote: Much better than the first!!! Kane was quality!!!

Richard T (jp) wrote: "Korean Week", Day 6.Acting genius Song Kang-ho's latest is the fantastic action-thriller-drama-comedy, 'Secret Reunion' by Jang Hun, director of the equally great 'Rough Cut'.

Kyle C (ru) wrote: Hilarity ensues when Vince Vaughn & Owen Wilson (disguised as brothers) crash the wedding of the daughter of a very influential politician played by the wonderfully creepy Christopher Walken. Great lines in this one (especially from Vaughn) and some absolutely laugh out loud moments.

Jamie C (us) wrote: Penny Hardaway was fantastic in this movie....Loved the ending worth owning and watching again

Dan K (ag) wrote: Troma! I will see this someday.

Oliver S (kr) wrote: A character film. Dipping into the confused world of 3 homeless people in 1937 New York. Great acting by Meryl and Jack.

Stephen E (jp) wrote: On a visual level, "Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters" is a success because of John Bailey's able cinematography, Philip Glass's musical genius, Eiko Ishioka's innovative production design and Paul Schrader's excellence as a director. "Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters" is a technical triumph and about as original as films get. The narrative (which focuses on the past and final day of famed novelist Yukio Mishima as well as visual representations of his work) is engaging and is brought to life with superb directorial skill by Paul Schrader, who will always remain one of the unsung heroes of his generation.

Frankie A (gb) wrote: First off, the director Jack Lemmon was one of the greatest actors of all time. This is the only movie he directed so from that POV alone its worth a watch. Walter Matthau plays Kotch and he is restrained, affecting a character that loves life, wants to be involved and wants to engage with people. Very brief flashbacks show his relationship with his wife, that mirror the present-day action and its clear he has all his marbles and is an independent soul. He tries to hold on to his relationship with his toddler grandson, and just can't gain the trust of his son and daughter in law. To help with young Duncan instead of Kotch, the parents find Deborah Winters' character Erica, who is brought in to help. Erica is young, trying to do the right things but finds herself very pregnant, and having to leave.Kotch, who seems to be on the side of the young and defenseless, chooses to help out Erica rather than take up residence in a seniors home. He hits the road, tracks her down, and helps Erica bring her baby in to the world. Matthau's character and everyone who watches this learns that Erica considers Kotch a part of the new baby's family, and shares her regret that Kotch never held her and touched her - which is the universal regret of many people. Pass the kleenex.Deborah Winters plays a complex character part good kid, part free spirit, part practical mom to be. She is wholesome looking and even knits which softens up her predicament. The very best scenes are between Erica and Kotch and between Kotch and Duncan.I think the film didn't need the story line of substance abuse of the daughter in law , but over all it is well worth watching to fully appreciate the great ending.

Jay M (jp) wrote: This franchise is how we should all question our every move

Rob C (ag) wrote: This could have been a good movie...but, I found Jeff Bridges' accent not only ridiculous, but annoying.

Judith K (ag) wrote: Maybe the most perfect movie ever! Loved the story and script. Superb acting by Chis Evans and Alice Eve.

Aaron M (es) wrote: Nice rock doc by Spike Lee covering MJ at the height of his powers.