En rachâchant

En rachâchant

The child Ernesto doesn't want to go to school any more because, as he says, all he is taught there is things he doesn't know.

The child Ernesto doesn't want to go to school any more because, as he says, all he is taught there is things he doesn't know. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Zahid C (kr) wrote: Day: SundayDate: 25 May 2014Time: 10.00 pmWith: NooneOn: HDTV

Aamir A (ag) wrote: Awesome movie, great story and mind blowing performance by Salman Khan!

Ryan W (ag) wrote: It has a few twists & Angelina Jolie gives a good performance apart from that its just your average thriller

Jeff G (es) wrote: This Film seems more like a experiment or a outline for a film that got a first draft but never got revised. The characters are sketchy and not that three dimensional and while the thought of peter stomare running a summer camp is demented fun unfortunately he is only around for little more then a cameo. The story is these idealistic college students end up running the camp at which they work after the boss gets incapacitated they decide to run the camp to there ideals which turns out fun and fine at first but soon predictably becomes chaos. Just as the camp crumbles so does the mental capacity of the counselers who soon are hooking and coupling up and driving each other crazy to the brink of homicide. This Film is a major disappointment as it is the feature directing debut of ??Heathers?? Screenwriter Daniel Waters. Who is brilliant at writing humor but with this film seemed to have great ideas but not a thorough way to put them all together he seems to theorize that this camp represents society to a certain degree. The same logic that was used in heathers but in that film the material seemed to take shape. Here it just seems like a ideological theory with jokes while trying to bring back summer camp movies a genre that has yet to catch on again. I was personally let down as a fan of Daniel Waters I looked forward to this film and it seems as usual recently when he steps behind the camera I am always impressed by the ideas but hate the visual representation of them. Skip it.

Tim S (br) wrote: You can't help bu ask "Where's Walter Mathua?" Otherwise, the film is very, very funny.

Bruno L (gb) wrote: Der franzsische Regisseur Christophe Gans ("Pakt der Wlfe", "Silent Hill") hat den gleichnamigen Manga-Comic als Vorlage f 1/4r seinen Spielfilm genommen. Gans vermischt Elemente der Fantasy und harten Martial Arts mit der sthetik eines John Woo und erzeugte einen Genre-Mix, der bis heute Mastbe gesetzt hat. Der Zuschauer taucht ein in eine Welt von grausamen schnen Bildern, die er nicht so schnell vergit. Viele Nachfolger sind durch den Film entstanden, ohne dass sie das Original 1/4bertreffen konnten.

Karsh D (gb) wrote: Another classic from the Hitchcock library. Police are hunting the neck tie killer and think they have their man.......

Private U (fr) wrote: the cutest movie about to white teens who set their unsuspecting maid up with a man who was reluctant to date her but instead fell in love

Jay C (mx) wrote: [2013-10-12] More violent than the 1963's version.

Allan C (it) wrote: Gimmick detective film, with Raymond Chandler's Phillip Marlowe solving a murder with the audience looking through the eyes of Marlowe the entire film. While the point of view film style has some interesting moments (a surprise fist, a puff of smoke in a cops face, a flash of Montgomery in the mirror), but those moments are far outweighed by actors standing in place talking directly to the camera. It's a gimmick that had possibilities, but didn't quite come off right here. Raymond Chandler reportedly hated this film.

dylan m (it) wrote: I don't really remember it

Allan C (us) wrote: A strong cast rescues what would likely have been an otherwise forgettable comedy. Clark Gable plays a magazine publisher looking to make a major deal, but the real drama of the film is his wife, Myrna Loy, being suspicious that her loving husband is falling for his secretary, Jean Harlow. Top that off with a young James Stewart playing Harlow's boyfriend and you have a cast your couldn't imagine being any better. Not brilliant, but the cast makes this film seem well worth watching.

Grace M (jp) wrote: little predictable but I really enjoyed it