En uppgörelse i den undre världen

En uppgörelse i den undre världen


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En uppgörelse i den undre världen torrent reviews

Calum R (es) wrote: An emotionally hard hitting and raw film that focuses on Lee Chandler, a man whose life has gone down the drain and is now leading one of personal emotional mayhem. There may be those out there who find that this film drags in certain parts, however the cleverly executed non-linear plot and near-flawless performances of conflict, hate and sly humour from the likes of Casey Affleck (who is now my favourite for the Oscar) makes 'Manchester by the Sea' one of the most gritty and emotionally-reverent dramas of recent years.With a plot that dashes backwards and forwards, Lonergan has crafted an intense and almost shocking plot that gradually builds Affleck's character through the clever use of flashbacks and disguised thrills. Affleck has slowly been proving himself as an acting body to be commended, and this film has finally given us his most complex performance to date, that of a man on a path of self-inflicted emotional trauma. A film that hits hard and leaves a lasting impression.

Avinash V (es) wrote: End could have been better

Harper C (br) wrote: I love the other toy stories but this one is just sad

Kevin D (kr) wrote: Worst movie ever!!!! The most frightening, most disturbing film I've ever seen. I'm glad I did not see this abomination at the movies.

Al P (ca) wrote: U havent seen Gas Food Lodging?

Will L (br) wrote: The storyline is all over the place and a touch hard to follow. That being said, it's entertaining as hell, and the blood and guts are plentiful. From a purely visual standpoint, it's great. But as a film, it's only pretty good.

Jeremy S (es) wrote: A good movie to watch if you wanted to see football in the 70's or so. Nolte is solid

Kent B (es) wrote: Probably my favorite Bette Davis film. "Why ask for the moon..."

David S (mx) wrote: unfunny no arrogant yes

Mark C (br) wrote: Well done, but it has a bit of a "Loose Change" ( discredited 9-11 conspiracy documentary ) feel to it, as in you're not sure if the narrative being presented is reliable.