Young female embalmer Miyako is called in to restore the body of a young man who has committed suicide, before the funeral. While performing the embalming process she finds herself pricks by a needle buried deep in the boy’s flesh where it should not be. During the night the head is removed from the body and stolen, Miyako begins a desperate search for it so she can finish her work. Miyako search finds her encountering organ harvesting, religious cults, incest, psychopathic schizophrenics as well as some very dark secrets from here own past. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Enbamingu torrent reviews

Rob A (ru) wrote: An excellent film about surviving and forgiving.

Massimiliano S (jp) wrote: I finally got the chance to see "Peppermint Candy": masterpiece!

Keiko N (ru) wrote: Loved, loved, loved everything about it.

Adam R (au) wrote: Great to watch during the holidays! Ernest is at one with the yuletide in what I feel is his best movie. (First viewing - Childhood)

Keith E (ru) wrote: Still an enjoyable thriller even after all these years

Gemma P (fr) wrote: There are so many things that are great about this movie, it's hard to start. I would say, my favorite part is the end when Joshua's tic-tac-toe game is going head-to-head with Thermonuclear War. But the process is interesting, too, and I am glad I took the time.

Greg W (kr) wrote: one of the better late career pix for davis

Laird J (it) wrote: A bit overbearingly melodramatic at times, but earnest and surprisingly moving. Though the story spans decades and continents, it's so intimate it feels like a smaller story. This is a good thing.

Matthew H (es) wrote: My favorite John Carpenter movie and my favorite Kurt Russel movie ever

Stuart M (ru) wrote: An alright Jaws knockoff that doesn't really deliver any major laughs or scares. The only interesting character is Brendan Gleeson's sheriff who is permanently put upon by all characters but doesn't have the wit to respond.