Encore is a 1951 anthology film composed of adaptations of three short stories by W. Somerset Maugham: "The Ant and the Grasshopper", directed by Pat Jackson and adapted by T. E. B. Clarke; "Winter Cruise", helmed by Anthony Pelissier, screenplay by Arthur Macrae; "Gigolo and Gigolette", directed by Harold French, written by Eric Ambler. It is the last film in a Maugham trilogy, preceded by Quartet and Trio.

The film is made from three short stories by W. Somerset Maugham. The first, "The Ant and the Grasshopper" concerns the trials and tribulations a ne'er-do-well brother, Tom Ramsey, puts his... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Encore torrent reviews

Simon S (au) wrote: Mundane film with a poignant message at the end poorly acted

Brady S (kr) wrote: one of Michael Bay's best films. The action is spectacular, story is good. I was interested the whole 136 mins.

Ben M (ag) wrote: This should not be marketed as a horror by any means. It's a rather endearing film about friends and relationships, with horror elements.

IOnell S (jp) wrote: Revivir el pasado, renovar emociones. Es mejor recordar u Olvidar?A pesar de las buenas interpretaciones las historias no logran motivar. Al menos a mi.

Carissa L (kr) wrote: really wasn't that great, i think they could have done more with it and the acting was pretty bad

Brooke A (br) wrote: this is tha best movie eva! i dnt get ppl who hatin' on it.

Carly T (ru) wrote: love donald crisp in anything but this being scottish and having had a skye terrier makes it more special

Kris V (es) wrote: Peculiar low budget 70s thriller about people losing their hair and going insane 10 year after copping some bad acid in college. Interesting, and with a very passionate performance by Zalman King, making it worth a watch.

Steve S (br) wrote: ***Due to the recent RT changes that have basically ruined my past reviews, I am mostly only giving a rating rather than a full review.***

Trill F (es) wrote: Really doesn't hold up today.