A nameless, homeless and rejected man who is looking for a new life and a young boy from an impoverished family, who is forced to steal when he loses the milk money. These two come together in the same hiding place.

A nameless, homeless and rejected man who is looking for a new life and a young boy from an impoverished family, who is forced to steal when he loses the milk money. These two come together in the same hiding place. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cha J (jp) wrote: I'm a sucker for this kind of movie!

Andruw F (br) wrote: Outstanding direction from Neil Burger. It's stylish and unique, and I completely agree with the consensus. He shows that he's a director to watch out for. I love how it's gray and more dark when Eddie's off the pill, and more bright and colorful when he's on the pill. Bradley Cooper obviously gives an outstanding performance, but it was interesting to see him play a different character. The score is also excellent. There are some problems though. It's a little long, and once Eddie starts the stocks, it gets very messy the rest of the movie. There are three different storylines going on, and they're all used as a drive for the movie. That's due to the writing. Leslie Dixon was the wrong choice, especially when she's never done this genre before. The book already had too much going on, then Leslie Dixon added things and made it more messy than it would have already been. I found Robert De Niro's character annoying, and honestly, his performance wasn't as good as one would expect. But Neil Burger and Bradley Cooper really helped it not be as bad, and still worth watching. The unrated extended cut isn't different enough to be worth watching, it's just the R rated version/cut with more violence and swearing. But if you buy the movie, I'd still recommend getting the copy that has that cut because you will also get special features, unlike the one with only the theatrical cut.

Beryl A (de) wrote: tek luwe ka in gi nga'ma go, koko ebathi. Nice cast.... apart from one annoying one....

Darrin C (kr) wrote: Plays like a Lifetime movie with less than great acting and way worse dialog except for Dee Snider's Captain Howdy character. Watch this once for Captain Howdy. He had potential if Snider worked on this maybe longer.

Pablo M (ca) wrote: Its a realy old vampire movie, but is good, not like the first of the series but entertaining....

Katherine B (au) wrote: An hilarious take on suburban mentality and juvie delinquency. Tame compared to what the kids are up to today. If you wonder how we got here from there, this flick provides part of the explanation.

Eduardo C (us) wrote: Diabolical and Devious playboy Rock Hudson does it to Doris Day, while hapless Tony Randall alternately despises and admires him for getting away with murder. Wait! Isn't that the plot of "Pillow Talk"? Yes it is ! Basically the same plot and the same characters and both are absolutely hilarious.

Sistah A (br) wrote: Good if you like the general story and Lee Evans, however this offering falls far short of the original with John Mills. Lee Evans has IMO has tried to stretch his abilities a bit further than he should of at this time time around but hey if Jim carrey and robin williams can get there, there's hope for him yet.

Sherry L (gb) wrote: One of the most famous movies made about Jack The Ripper and the terror in London he caused some months in 1888. Johnny Depp plays Inspector Frederick Abberline (who figured in the real actual investigation). Abberline is a broken man who regularly consumes opium, which gives him "visions" about gruesome slayings of women. Mary Kelly (Heather Graham) is a beautiful irish prostitute in East End, who along with a couple of other prostituted women; Polly, Annie, Liz and Kate are being harassed by gangs who are regularly blackmailing them (we never get to know for what reason). Ann was a prostitue as well and is still friends with Mary Kelly and co. Recently she secretly married to the rich (said to be...) painter, Albert and had just had a child, Alice. Ann is suddenly kidnapped, right after having handed over her baby to Mary Kelly for a short while. Soon Ann gets lobotomized as well, in hands of "practicing" doctors. A series of bizarre and horrible murders starts to occur among Mary Kelly's friends. Inspector Adderline is put on the case, with Sgt. Peter Godley (Robbie Coltrane), and tries to get as much information as he can from the still surviving women. After resulting with the royal medical doctor, Sir William Gull (Ian Holm) Abberline starts to get an idea of which knife it's all about, but what is the motive??? It's visually very impressive, yes. But what I have a problem with is the silly "solution"... Without revealing too much...it feels like they decided to take the silliest conspiration theories there exist about this case, fused into one. It gets a bit confusing. Johnny Depp's english accent is not as bad as you first could expect (in my opinion). Robbie brought his "cracker-character" into this part :) Way too populistic for my taste, since I guess I am a "ripperologist" myself! There actually was a time, long ago (when I was a little teenage girl:) when I really loved this movie.

Kim H (br) wrote: If you can't determine by the title that this was going to be a cheesy B-movie, then you need to watch more horror. Neflix kept suggesting I would like it, and I figured their algorithm should know me by now, so I gave it a go. Thank you Neflix for letting me know about this gem.I will admit I almost turned it off 15 minutes in because of the acting of Officer Lou Garou (Lougarou, in one of various translations, is werewolf in Haitian). He just wasn't tough enough, or cheesy enough to pull it off. But the actor, Leo Fafard, finally found his groove, but suddenly he had the right about of cheese with his swagger.I could see this becoming a cult classic. There were lots of quotable lines, and the blood and gore was completely over the top. When Lou turns into a werewolf, chunks of his skin falls off, as his fur pushes through. And the bathroom after his first turn and kills, is completely covered with blood and guts.Besides Lou, the other characters were just as amusing, and I need to get myself a Liquor Donut shirt!Wolfcop 2 : Breed the Wolfpack! is supposed to be in production, and I know I'll be watching the movie when it comes out. If you enjoy Werewolf puns, Cheesy B-Horror Movies with splatters of Gore, I say you'll have a Howlin' good time with WolfCop.