2068, the ozone layer is gone and the world is a wasteland. A band of mercenaries attempt to break into a Estate that is guarded by a automated defence system called "Encrypt" in order to steal priceless artwork.

By the year 2068, the Earth's ozone is gone, violent and uncontrollable storms are razing it's surface as a result. A small group of military survivors are the defenders of the last of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Encrypt torrent reviews

Ted B (au) wrote: This movie was a disappointment especially considering it's from Disney and has such a high rotten tomatoes rating. We haven't rushed to watch it cause it didn't grab us but finally decided it was worth a free weekday night. It is entertaining and funny at times, but a fairly standard story line.

Marc L (mx) wrote: J'aime les zombies. J'aime les nazis (au cinma dans les deux cas, pas la peine de saisir la justice). Alors mes yeux, un film avec des nazis zombies s'apparente une sorte de Saint-Graal. Surtout que 'Outpost : Black sun', squelle d'un modeste film fantastique britannique sorti voici une poigne d'annes, fait un usage tout ce qu'il y a plus ludique des multiples thories pseudo-historiques qui leur ont t consacres, en l'occurence l'existence d'un bunker secret, au coeur duquel la matrise de la thorie du champs quantique unifi - c'est pas moi qui le dis - a permis la survie d'une unit allemande invulnrable soixante ans aprs la fin de la guerre. Aprs une introduction qui ouvre de belles perspectives, la nature minimaliste de 'Outpost : Black sun' se fait rapidement ressentir, l'instar de n'importe quelle production de genre dote d'un budget un seul chiffre. Cette fois pourtant, c'est au niveau d'un scnario brouillon et de dialogue confus que le bt blesse, alors mme que les scnes d'action tenaient leur rang de faon tout fait honorable compte tenu des faibles moyens de la chose, et que les SS zombifis se dbrouillaient pour produire leur petit effet...

Hashaka E (jp) wrote: The legacy from that story is very much alive in mordern day football/soccer

Joyce Y (it) wrote: babies are cute and the guys is hot, that's it...

Luke T (gb) wrote: Pretty below par horror. Bad acting, poor script and not very exciting effects make this a very throw away movie

Facebook U (ag) wrote: The tomato critics are harsh, ths film was plenty funny for kids of all ages. Definitely a kid film, but the kids were nailing it! The villains were funny and the whole thing was reminiscent of the original Batman series... with kids! The physical comedy was hilarious at times... with kids! The little girl in particular seemed to have too much fun. The whole was well constructed, hilarious and I had a good time all along. Three solid stars and I am being tough.

Carmen G (de) wrote: a rock star lends the plain and saves the day...ok than

kyo 9 (br) wrote: I don't get the story completely but I can find the strength of this movie very fascinating.. The boy would sacrifice everything for a girl he didn't really know of.. He gives money, and all just for the sake of the family~ Amazing!

ray h (mx) wrote: This was a large scale Chinese historical epic. It was rather long at 162 mins. The story concerns the ancient struggle to consolidate China into one state or country. There are a few battles. There is a lot of palace intrigue. It was mildly interesting, here and there, in some scenes. The overall story did not hold my interest. There is a much better film about this same period, HERO. The sets, costuming, and cinematography were all very good. Gong Li, as the concubine, Lady Zhao, is very good; and easy-on-the-eyes. I would skip this movie and check out HERO instead.

martin k (us) wrote: my ass never left the seat for the whole 3 hours

Art S (ru) wrote: Three (good) peasants take the daughter of the (evil) magistrate hostage in order to force him to hear their plea about too high taxes during rough years for their crops. One, two, and then three roving rogue samurai take up their cause. Their motivation is typically uncertain (but we feel that they are essentially honourable and on the side of social justice). Shot beautifully in black and white and widescreen with lots of swordplay - and perhaps more character development than some films in this genre. But ultimately, it is just a genre pic and a solid one at that.

Robin P (br) wrote: This is good---Elizabeth Taylor is a bit of a wacko and does a good job at it! Must be good-it was made the year I was born :)

jay n (us) wrote: Alittle overheated but Kim is beautiful and all the performances are well done.

Rick Q (ru) wrote: nothing against dick powell, but i think he was wrong for the lead role in "murder, my sweet". i think if it had a stronger lead (along the lines of robert mitchum) this would be a much better film.