End Day

End Day

An exploration into the various ways in which, within the circumstances of one day, civilisation could be brought to an abrupt end..

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Freddie F (es) wrote: Very disappointing retread of Masaki Kobayashi's masterful 1962 film. Takashi Miike is one of the most talented directors working today, but this film falls dreadfully flat by comparison of its predecessor. Its most effective moments are lifted straight from Kobayashi's source. Its weaker moments are where it deviates. A rather stellar opening, complemented by beautiful imagery and a careful pace, gives way to a tedious middle section. The conclusive action sequences are marvelously realized, but lack the gusto or extremity of Miike's own 13 Asssassins. Overall, an interesting rehash of one of my favorite films. Unfortunately Miike is unable to elevate the film any higher than a highly artful forgery.

stefn birgir s (nl) wrote: A boring tale of one of the most infamous and sickening man in history. Common, he played clowns in children's birthday parties on weekends and raped, murdered and buried the bodies of young boys under his house on workdays. How can a movie about him be boring!?

Kah D (gb) wrote: air bud does baseball now?? wtf this is becoming real stupid

Esra D (gb) wrote: watch it at hostpital, pretty wierd movie

Steve J (kr) wrote: Deeply flawed but interesting low-budget thriller in the Hitchcock/De Palma mode. I don't want to talk too much about the plot, since this story relies on the element of surprise for most of its effect, but I will say that it did pull a few fast ones on me, a seasoned film-watcher. The acting is mostly decent, but tends to falter at key moments. Moreover, the violence occasionally crosses the line not into offense, but into absurdity, robbing the film of some of its power. Nevertheless this is an impressive independent film with some lovely cinematography, and a chillingly real performance from Alexia Rasmussen. Worth a watch for those interested in indie horror cinema, as well as for De Palma aficionados. I look forward to more from director Zack Parker.

Alex K (br) wrote: 1928 Was 69 Years Old In 1997.

James B (nl) wrote: This one cracks me up. Comedy gold.

Jana S (us) wrote: Inspiring. One ordinary woman standing up to fix a broken system to help others - despite no gain for herself.

Wes S (ru) wrote: Dumb plot, slow pacing, and uninteresting characters. The film is hard to follow, because it's such a mess. It has some interesting concepts, but they're not told in the right way. More or less, a pain to watch.