End of the Line

End of the Line

Karen, a young psychiatric nurse, boards the last subway train of the night only to have it stop in the middle of the tunnel. Suddenly, her nightmare begins: a mysterious cult has decided that it's the end of the world and the only way to save the souls of the living is to kill them in cold blood. As those around her are brutally murdered, Karen and a handful of survivors must face the homicidal cult, supernatural forces and their own fears of Armageddon in order to survive.

In this unsettling and creepy thriller, Karen (Ilona Elkin), a young nurse who works in a psychiatric ward, boards the last subway train of the night only to have it stop suddenly in the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nidhi J (gb) wrote: Lack of substance...

Brian C (it) wrote: Started strong and quirky, but fizzled in the last half and became a little cliche.

Dann M (gb) wrote: "We all have to eat a little sh** from time to time." Director Richard Linklater helms the political drama Fast Food Nation. Inspired by a non-fiction book, the film follows several intertwining stories related to the fast-food industry; from the immigrant worker to the corporate executive. However, the stories are a bit disjointed and don't have a strong connection to each other. Still, they're quite interesting and have some compelling characters. The ensemble cast features Greg Kinnear, Patricia Arquette, Bruce Willis, Ethan Hawke, Kris Kristofferson, and Avril Lavigne; who all deliver solid performances. While it's fairly entertaining, the politics of Fast Food Nation end up interfering with the storytelling.

Linda B (us) wrote: Finally got round to seeing this, a several years after purchase. A nice, rather sentimental film. A easy watch, when there's nothing on TV

Anders A (ca) wrote: Michael Moore is aiming every canon towards G.W. Bush and the republicans, with a rather legal point. The war of terrorism is purely a lie, there is stuff with great value here, and there lots of things which should have been left out. What are his motives? All in all a interesting documentary.

David T (nl) wrote: Dogma. Con eso se dice todo. Sin banda sonora, con movimientos convulsos de camara, pero probablemente es una de las adscritas a ese engendro que se salvan. La historia es minima, sencilla, nordica en todos sus aspectos, pero por lo menos las clases de italiano le hace tener un toque diferente a estos daneses...

Andrew P (us) wrote: this is a good movie some loose ends in there but all in in all its good and the dance fight style is something that i do know

Keenan S (br) wrote: Slap Shot is a cheerfully vulgar, very politically-incorrect, very violent, and downright hilarious comedy about hockey and our love of violence. It's a refreshing comedy that is not pretentious, is very intelligent despite its brutish exterior, and just does not give a fuck if it offends the viewer. This is a great example of how you do a raunchy and politically-incorrect comedy.The plot follows a coach named Reggie Dunlop and his terrible hockey team. In the wake of so many losses, poor treatment by the team's owner, and people constantly telling them how awful they are, it is devised that instead of playing hockey by the rules, the best way to attract fans and to win was to become a squad of goons who play dirty by beating the shit out of other players, trash-talking, and outright not giving a fuck what they do.This film does not play dress up with its violence. It doesn't try to make an elaborate point about violence, it states it in a matter-of-fact way by showing human nature and our love for violence, especially in sports. We love the brutality and only really follow such sports if there is carnage. However, rather than do so in a dreary, dramatic fashion, the film expresses its point through mean-spirited and politically-incorrect humor that doesn't hold back one bit. Though mean-spirited in tone, the film is absolutely hilarious and still expresses its point brilliantly. The film even throws a tidbit in the end about how we as humans love violence and yet are horrified by something sexual (Though said sexual bit is done so peacefully and tastefully).However, overall, Slap Shot succeeds at what it intends to be: a brilliant sports comedy that it is not to be missed by anyone who loves a good comedy, or especially a comedy that makes a lot of good points even through a gruff and mean exterior. I had a blast with this film and I highly recommend it.

Johnny L (ag) wrote: It's pretty neat as a first look into the world of competitive bodybuilding. The film should be watched with Generation Iron to compare how things have changed over the decades.

Byron B (de) wrote: J. Lee Thompson returns to direct. This final sequel was taken back to a G rating and the budget was actually increased slightly (by $100,000). John Huston makes a cameo as The Lawgiver ape sometime between the time of this movie and the 1968 original. A major theme of this series, as always, is whether enough has been done to affect the course of history toward more peaceful rather than destructive ends. The majority of the plot involves the apes who have followed Caesar since the previous movie. It is somewhat unclear as to how much time has past. Some sources say ten years, but it is not specified how long the war lasted that decimated so many human cities, or how long it took for the apes to establish their little village, then, of course, Caesar (Roddy McDowall again) and the chimp Lisa (Natalie Trundy again) have a son who is about ten. So, it seems probable that more than ten years would have past, but with new writers (husband and wife team John and Joyce Corrington) developing an initial story by Paul Dehn, the filmmakers were probably not concerned with these details. Without the genetic manipulation of the reboot, the apes somehow have learned to speak and some are learning to write in this short time. Claude Akins is impressive as the gorilla, General Aldo, who doesn't do well in school, craves power and weapons, and rebels against Caesar's leadership. Caesar has named his son Cornelius. Bobby Porter as Cornelius does some great stunts in some trees. Cornelius overhears Aldo's plans to seize power and ends up dying after a fall. It is a bit like an Ape Cain and Abel story. Veteran actor Lew Ayres is an orangutang who guards the ape armory. Pop music composer Paul Williams is another wise orangutang named Virgil. There are also a few humans that are living relatively peacefully with Caesar and his people. Austin Stoker, in his first movie role, was one of the humans. He is MacDonald, the brother of the character from the previous movie and, therefore, trusted by Caesar. Caesar takes MacDonald and Virgil with him to the archives of the forbidden city, despite the radiation poisoning, to see if film recordings of his parents survived. Cheaply, the filmmakers only show still frames with audio recordings, rather than film clips from Escape. Severn Darden plays the same character from the previous film. Somehow he has survived and is now the governor of the people in the bombed out city. Again, radiation poisoning makes humans incredibly campy. The adventure aspects, the ape/human war, the gun-play, and all the explosions become dull after awhile. The internal struggle between Aldo and Caesar is the most interesting part.