End of the World

End of the World

The plot concerns a comet hurling toward Earth on a collision course and the different reactions to people on the impending disaster.

The plot concerns a comet hurling toward Earth on a collision course and the different reactions to people on the impending disaster. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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YK G (kr) wrote: Like a very good final year project by animation students.

Olga C (mx) wrote: not bad... i say that for the ending. maybe i was tired but i didn't expect it. not scary though...

Stef (ca) wrote: An interesting look at the power plays and drama behind the scenes of Walt Disney Pictures.

Zak J (kr) wrote: Worst movie I have ever seen.

Simon D (jp) wrote: If you love Pink Floyd and are happy to watch a feature length pop video that makes very little sense, has no distinguishable storyline, and Bob Geldof with no eyebrows then this is the film for you. I, unfortunately, cannot tick any of the above boxes and so have to put this down as a bucket of cack.

Panta O (nl) wrote: Ms. 45 is also known as Angel of Vengeance, and I really wanted to be as excited after watching as were some of my friends who recommended it to me. I am sorry to say that all I saw was an American low-budget exploitation film which was nothing special. Directed by Abel Ferrara and starring Zo Tamerlis Lund it had nothing which I could categorize as exceptional. There was some over-acting and I will even use the word over-directing... because some of the situations were far from realistic. The film is a rape and revenge story about Thana, a mute woman who becomes a spree killer after she is raped twice in one day when going home from work. It was critically maligned on its theatrical release, but is now generally highly regarded among fans of underground and independent film. This movie was acquired by Alamo Drafthouse Films in October 2013 and remastered in HD from the original negatives. The distributor released the film on Blu-ray, DVD, and digital copy in March 2014, and had the whole army of positively charged critics behind it! They have right on their opinion, of course, but it was just an average movie which is just crossing the line into the positive score territory! Entertaining 80 minutes which have a lot of unexplained bits and pieces... and a team which did a job on a budget of only $62,000.

Armando P (au) wrote: One of Kubrick's finest. Essential for movie fanatics.

Adrian B (us) wrote: Though I am huge fan of director William Wyler, I couldn't help but feel so utterly dissapointed by this film after my viewing. The Quaker family (which includes Gary Cooper, Dorothy McGuire, and Anthony Perkins) lives in rural Indiana, during the infamous civil war. They are very religious, and will not get involved in violence. They also speak the awkward script that was handed to them. I suppose that is how they spoke back in the 1700 or 1800's within that region (Indiana to be exact), but those words, especially "thee" or "thy," sounded forced, and were annoyingly repetitive. It sucks because several of Wyler's very good films, such as "The Letter" and "The Heiress", have not received the attention they deserve, whereas this film has not stood the test of time. I suppose he did this film in response to "Gone With the Wind," but he could not match the greatness of Victor Fleming in capturing the films mood, acting, and period. A tremendous letdown of a film! I will also point out one other that I actually got a laugh out of. On one poster that I found on the website "Wikipedia" for "Friendly Persuassion," next to Anthony Perkins' head it says "The star of Psycho." LOL. Since Perkins' character is not supposed to be violent within this film, why would they encourage his fans to come see him in much more reserved and weaker role? I find that to be bizarre and I am sure those fans were extremely dissapointed too. So funny.

Ted W (it) wrote: Hate tinker bell, but still terrible animation.