End Of Watch

End Of Watch

Two young officers are marked for death after confiscating a small cache of money and firearms from the members of a notorious cartel during a routine traffic stop.

The film sets in a patrol as usual, two police Brian Taylor and Mike Zavala have accidentally discovered a huge drug trafficking. They decide to expose this line. However, drug criminals also prove they are not "easy to play". Secrets and problems are ahead. What await them? Enjoy the film to discover by yourself. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


End Of Watch torrent reviews

Xander K (ag) wrote: It's fine. Longer than it needed to be but a pleasant enough distraction.

Lee M (nl) wrote: Repeaters drifts into a flatlining exercise in pseudo-thrills long before its eventual moralistic ending.

Mike H (us) wrote: absolutely terrible! couldn't get past first 20 minutes.

Nancy W (de) wrote: Fun and funny. Thoroughly entertaining.

Lucas B (jp) wrote: Charming in its own right (pun somewhat intended)

am a (jp) wrote: This movie is really make me spirited all the way till the movie finish.

Kurt B (gb) wrote: Sean Bean plays the leader of a British S.A.S. team put together to monitor what goes on behind enemy lines during the gulf war. The first half of the movie follows the troops as they attempt to withdraw from Iraq and head for the Syrian border after they are spotted by some farmers who immediately rat them out to the enemy troops. The second half of the movie focuses on Beans capture and torture which is rather brutal, eventually the poor sod has to lick faeces of his hands after being put to work on latrines. Richard Sharpe in the twentieth century? Yes please! The film even has the same director as the TV series Sharpe in the form of Tom Clegg and the duo certainly do seem to be on reasonable form; Sean Bean?s acting is brilliant and really keeps you interested during the parts of the movie that feature him alone festering in a cell or when he gets separate from his mates. For myself the film had allot more to say because I find it extremely rare these days to find a film that focuses on the British rather than just America but after all the movie was funded by the BBC. I knew I was going to like the film from the off, the music at the start consisted of three songs by The Clash and one song by the Sex Pistols which just shows the great taste of the film makers. Best scenes in the movie were when troops had to fight a running battle as they retreated into the desert; Sadam?s troops get a right seeing to but there is just that many they start running out of ammo and just have to get out. Of course my favourite scene of them all was watching Mr. Bean being forced to clean his crap covered hands by licking it all of simply because it made me laugh and also wonder what his character would do to him in revenge if he got the chance.

Adam K (ru) wrote: A splendid look at the rise of the grunge scene from its early roots in Seattle to the days where it became a staple in fashion, appearing in the catalogs of every major fashion retailer and the runways of every fashion show in the country, ultimately ending at the untimely death of Kurt Cobain. You will see many bands in this doc that may have never heard, unless you followed the grunge scene closely like a hawk, all showcasing the loud and noisy excitement that the style brought out. It praises the musicians for bringing out a new movement in music, but as every trend, shows how an undying from the media and the trendy public take something individual and genuine and convert it into a staple of obsession to fit in with the rest. From the mouths of the musicians themselves, they never bought into the "hype." This showcases that when ti comes to any scene or style, its not the look or where you bought the clothes from, or who you're trying to emulate with them, it has always been and always will be about one thing, the music.

Stephen C (ca) wrote: Ok so its no Citizen Kane ,but sometimes you gain a soft spot for a movie when all around you think its terrible. Firstly the bad points ,Bob Clark has to ram every action sequence home and his villains are so one dimensional if you shot them in profile they would dissapear. The story is very odd indeed involving as it does Nazi Porn Films and Mosasad. What saves the film from utter drivel is the chemistry between Akroyd and Hackman . Akroyds performance is very very funny and one was left wanting more of that along with Hackmans no nonsense cop they really do keep the film togehter. Dom Deluice is good value also and the film is just the right length for a beer and pizza movie. A fair film then but one that could have been better

Michael T (ag) wrote: Pathetically cheesy rip-off of GREMLINS.

Austin G (mx) wrote: This film has a strong first act, then loses itself in the second and third.

Nicolas L (ca) wrote: Whoever photographed this movie has never heard of the law of thirds. Aside from that, had they actually let the characters do something (anything) that would further develop the characters, they wouldn't have to resort to explaining everything. It would probably take longer, but then again, this film is about an hour long; adding a few minutes to the run time won't necessarily hurt.

Brett S (mx) wrote: Quite an enjoyable film, but not as good as what Abbott & Costello have done before.

Peter W (jp) wrote: This is an enjoyable action movie with a good performance from Tom Cruise. It does unfortunately contain a very complicated plot that gets somewhat confusing.

Kieran T (mx) wrote: this movie is so good, i bought it twice