Endrendrum Punnagai

Endrendrum Punnagai

Gowtham (Jiiva) has a troubled childhood once his mother goes astray. He develops a dislike towards women in general and would often been seen in a pensive mood. Things change for the better when he bonds with Sri (Vinay) and Baby (Santhanam) at school. They make a pact that they would never marry in life. When circumstances force Sri and Baby to deviate from this, the bonding of the trio breaks and Gowtham comes to understanding how his perceived misconceptions about life is so untrue.

Three friends make a pact to stay single all their lives but. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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WS W (br) wrote: Unoriginal, but kinda alrightee.

Joshua L (us) wrote: It had a moment or 2 that I enjoyed but that was it.

Janet B (de) wrote: Fabulous performs from Jeff Bridges. Story quite predictable but beautifully told.

Joel M (it) wrote: 5/10: One of the few movies that started off with different genre and ended with another genre. Not describing the genre, as it will become mini-spoiler. My complaint is the long running time which I felt is not necessary.

Ian R (kr) wrote: I liked that it kind of veered into a place that I wasn't expecting while simultaneously being what I was expecting. Matthau was great as was Lemmon but really, when were they not?

James D (it) wrote: this is my favorit football movie I think its the best one Friday night lights is next

Scott S (es) wrote: Light hearted and funny

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Nathan J (de) wrote: My friend Hayden Williams said it was really cool. He gives it 100% certified fresh.

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