Endukante Premanta

Endukante Premanta

Ram (Ram) is a happy go lucky guy who is very mischievous and doesnt hesitate to lie just to get his way through. His antics cause trouble to his joint family and his father (Sayaji) is always miffed with Ram. On the other hand, Sravanthi (Tamannah), daughter of the Indian diplomat (Suman) lives in Paris. Sravanthi wants to live life freely without any barriers but due to her fathers position, she is always surrounded by security. A small plan by Rams father sends him to Paris so that he can learn some responsibility and due to an unexpected event he comes across Sravanthi. However, Sravanthi has a reason to be with Ram and she plans his escape to India. What is that reason? What is the link between Ram and Sravanthi? All this forms the rest of the story. This film is unofficial remake of Just Like Heaven (2005)

Ram (Ram) is a happy go lucky guy who is very mischievous and doesnt hesitate to lie just to get his way through... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rebecca T (it) wrote: Backwards is a charming, upbeat story with heart and substance. Whether you're a sports aficionado, a fan of romantic comedy or a devotee of James Van Der Beek, you'll find something to love. Plus, it is just so refreshing to see such a solid female cast - led by the talented Sarah Megan Thomas in her big screen debut.Backwards is "Bend it Like Beckham" for rowing. It brings excitement and dramatic tension to the often unappreciated rigors of this sport. After watching the exquisitely filmed racing scenes I now have a much deeper appreciation of the passion and commitment rowing inspires for so many young athletes. Coming so soon after the Olympics, this film reminds us of the sacrifices behind athletic accomplishment and the rewards of true sportsmanship.The sports theme is only one of several draws. Abi and Geoff (Thomas and Van Der Beek) have great charisma in the movie. The coaching scenes between Abi and "her girls" bring you back to high school and the relationships there formed. Some of the best scenes put in stark relief how competition can strain even the strongest of friendships - and how teamwork can overcome even major setbacks.Do see this movie. You'll laugh and maybe you'll cry, but mostly you'll leave feeling just a little bit better about life.

Nick L (ag) wrote: I remember how long this felt. Can't recall much else.

Harman K (it) wrote: Badass acting, a badass script, a badass story, a badass score, a great picture... Dan Eberle is just awesome all-around. While watching this, I was thinking man this guy really looks like another version of Micky Rourke, and the funny thing is, during the film, one of the actors says almost the exact same thing about him, which really made me laugh.

Ana G (ag) wrote: Very good movie. I couldn't stop laughing, and it is also sweet.

Steve S (gb) wrote: ***Due to the recent RT changes that have basically ruined my past reviews, I am mostly only giving a rating rather than a full review.***

Yuri B (it) wrote: If you haven't seen this you should... another movie added to the underrated section.

Steven B (nl) wrote: the last time i saw this it was a snowy/rainy school day and we that managed to get to school got to watch videos in the library while ms. presly busied herself elsewhere.

Bleak M (br) wrote: An oddly disturbing Western, in which Murphy plays a complex psychopath - and the closest thing to a hero in this bleak drama of death and fear.

WS W (gb) wrote: This was the prototype of ? The Devil Wears Prada ?, or something like that.

Daniel K (mx) wrote: This is a great western; and it??s one of Mann??s best. The characters and ranch are immediately rich and larger than life. This is largely thanks to the script, the composer, the performances, the production designers, and the camera angles. In short, it is thanks to Mann, as he would be the one person with a hand in all. Mann has gotten together an excellent team here. All the performers definitely have what it takes. There is not a performance that isn??t sizzling, in particular Stanwyck. She practically burns a hole through the screen. Much of the power of the film has to be due to the magnificent score from Waxman. Then key, however, is that Mann knows when to pull back on the music and when to lay it on. The story has is also unique among westerns I can think of due to its focus on the tie between land and loans. In some ways I wish this had been painted on a larger canvas (i.e. more money and widescreen), but too much of a good thing can often wreck a picture as well. I have a much greater appreciation for the uniqueness of Mann??s life after watching the Criterion special features; he certainly didn??t have an average American upbringing. I definitely think some it has bled over into his films and made them that much more unique from typical Hollywood pictures of the era. He certainly knows the value of location shooting and how to photograph them.

Thomas D (fr) wrote: With a few meandering and unproductive features, 'Fast & Furious' takes the series to new grounds. Bringing back familiar faces but finally implementing some much needed emotional depth, the fourth installment was the best of the franchise to that date.Back after a short hiatus are Vin Diesel and Paul Walker playing Dom Toretto and Brian O'Connor respectively. Not that the previous two films were entirely pointless, but Dom and Brian are the heart of the films. Without them, you don't get the same feeling of family and meaningful relationships. 'Fast & Furious' may not feature the high-octane stunts and action that its successors do, but it brought the series back to being about family, and particularly the drama that sometimes goes on between family. O'Connor is miraculously back to being an FBI agent after betraying their trust multiple times in the past, but with this series that type of stuff doesn't matter. Toretto is on the run once again since he went missing following the events of the first film. As ridiculous as it is to see Brian once again after Dom, I feel like it was the one last obstacle these two needed before they gained back each other's trust. Once they do, the film takes off. I love all the tension between Brian, Dom, and Mia, especially knowing where all of them end up. But I also love watching the cast drive insanely fast cars at ridiculous speeds and wreck every bit of them. The fourth film still tries to tell a lame undercover racing/drug/crime story with its villain, but the rest of it is a hell of a ride.The supporting cast includes the likes of Michelle Rodriguez, Gal Gadot, Sung Kang, Jordana Brewster, and John Ortiz. The latter plays the villainous Campos and probably has the most depth and/or personality out of any previous F&F antagonist. Rodriguez is back as Letty, who's death (being a central plotline to the film) is probably the most complicated and convoluted death I've ever seen from any franchise, and I'm still not sure I know exactly what happened.Overall, Fast & Furious progressed the series back to its Toretto vs O'Connor roots, but managed to finally give us the balance of emotion and action that we've wanted. It also happens to be the film that set up what is now more of a heist franchise than it is full of big muscles and muscle cars.+Dom & Brian+Finally balances emotion and action+Supporting cast is written and acted very well-Letty's death & Brian's time with the FBI is still puzzling8.2/10

Cort J (fr) wrote: This is basically TV writer Patino doing a riff on the Coen brothers plot....but as he has NO FUCKING knowledge of MT or small towns (he drove by it as a kid)...he wastes an ok plot and a mostly fantastic cast....but Liam Hemsworth is just miscast

Anita M (kr) wrote: Classic 50's sci fi silliness. Robby the Robot was awesome. Complete delightful nonsense.

TheMrs i (it) wrote: I watched this movie again yesterday for about the 3rd time and I am usually not one for repeats but I loved this movie. It was like it was the first time!

Philip R (es) wrote: I wish I got a chance to see this movie on the big screen, but this film came out when i was in 4th grade and i was too young to see it. Eight years later, I watched it on TV and I loved it. What a damn good movie Starring Bruce Willis and Alec Baldwin. Very Intense movie.

Tom W (ru) wrote: From start to finish, this is one of the more solid thrillers I've seen in a good while...its well written, well paced, well acted...overall, there really isn't very much to say is wrong...I suppose my only qualms with it is that it wraps up rather neatly and that it doesn't really require very much thought or effort to watch outside of the subtitles (its a French production)...overall, its a great way to spend 84 minutes

Kareem Y (us) wrote: A train wreck with a budget smaller than what's left of my student bank account. I lasted all of fifteen minutes.

Mark M (br) wrote: Pretty good Sunday afternoon veg movie.

Amanda S (br) wrote: Love this movie! True story or not. Believable or not. Easy to watch again and again. Great cast ensemble.