Enemies Among Us

Enemies Among Us

It's not politics as usual, or is it? The governor of Louisiana is about to become the vice-presidential candidate for his party but a murder and an international web spanning from South Africa to Pakistan and North Korea might just get in the way.

It tells the story of the governor of Louisiana, who is about to become the vice-presidential candidate for his party but a murder and an international web spanning from South Africa to Pakistan and North Korea might just get in the way. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Millo T (us) wrote: Between 2.5 and 3. Good scenography, but the script could have been more elaborated.

Diogo D (kr) wrote: Great cast, directly from the Californication TV series. A superbPatrick Fischler as a FBI agent and both S.M. Foster and C. Luddingtonare very good. The only catch is the story, which is very poor andmonotonous. The visual effects are also boring. It has a good OST so,with this great cast, we should call it a big videoclip with a nonsensestory and a silly direction. You should see it, if you like horrormovies. Don't be so judgmental and just relax. Maybe you'll besurprised. I've seen much worse horror movies with great reviews.

Aleksander D (ca) wrote: Amusing satire. Filmmakers can, like the rest of us, be a bit self-centred, resulting in movies about making movies. This is one is an amusing satire about a group of indie filmmakers. They are planning a movie about life in the slums of Manila, discussing how to make it an award winner, a success on the film festival circuit, what boxes to tick off, poverty, sex tourism, pedophilia... Who should act in it? Should it be a gritty docudrama or maybe a musical? This is perhaps the best part of the movie, the movie morphing in the mind of the production assistant as the director, producer and lead actress discuss it.The one thing they do seem oblivious of, being well-to-do, Apple-touting hipsters, is the subject matter of the movie they are making. The slums are as alien to them as it is to the Western, festival-going target audience. Something that is only too evident when they first show up on location in the slum. Jumping and screaming with joy on how perfect it is, at least until they get something else to jump and scream about.There are several laugh-out-loud funny scenes, but also some rather tedious ones. The moment reality intervenes is too melodramatic by far, and the closing scene, the one giving name to the movie seems rather arbitrary. Despite these shortcomings it remains a watchable and amusing satire.

(mx) wrote: Perfect picture of husband' and wife's partnership in family business.

Jacob B (br) wrote: Although Hilary Duff is great at playing a teen with a bad attitude, and it has it's funny and sad moments. The story feels like a last-minute project done by a writer who felt like he didn't have enough time to finish his script.

Stephen H (nl) wrote: The 1999 World Trade Organization protests in Seattle is a great topic for the film, and it was interesting to follow the protest organizers, understanding their tactics, motivations, and will. There's a few cliche things that remind you it's a movie, but it's still a worthwhile effort.

Jase N (ag) wrote: When Chuck the astronaut (Dwayne Johnson) lands on a distant planet filled with little green people, he is surprised to discover that we are not alone in the galaxy. But he gets the shock of his life when the residents of Planet 51 mistakenly believe that his presence is the start of an alien invasion of the human kind! Luckily, an alien teenager named Lem (Justin Long) quickly realizes that Chuck is friendly and the two blast off on an adventure to try and return Chuck safely to his space ship!

Tom S (it) wrote: Can anybody be so hard themselves ! that they will give up their entire life to pursue the Warrior path ? Respect !

Julissa D (de) wrote: i really wanr to see it

cj o (it) wrote: I can't believe this is an 80's movie! The special effects are much worse than that! Zombie Nightmare hardly had any actual horror! it just felt like watching a fifties Boris Karloff movie with Adam West, who's character wasn't well adapted! They also left some things about him unexplained, and he pointlessly dies at the very end! I don't normally spoil things about movies on my reviews, but I can't recommend this movie for anyone unless your a huge Adam West fan. The cast wasn't horrible, but it wasn't good. The movie was OK with the "Mystery Science Theater" treatment, but this is just a movie that tries to use some recycled horror elements that just don't appeal anymore such as blondes screaming about a very slow-moving grunting monster while she just sits their screaming like a broken record of Minnie Mouse holding a high note! It's not one of the worst movies ever, but it's not something to waste your time with unless, again, your a big Adam West fan.

Paul D (au) wrote: Still one of the best spoof films ever made. Not all of it's jokes are winners, but a lot of them hit the mark! Rick Moranis gives one of his funniest performances ever. With a bunch of Star Wars films on the horizon, this oldie deserves to be seen occasionally.

Ian C (ca) wrote: Above average thriller set on a runaway train. Scott is a decent lead, a serious twitch off Kara Tointon and nobody plays a slimy hateful cunt more than David Schofield. Worth a watch and despite its budget it holds up well.

Matthew N (jp) wrote: A well-made and interesting insanity story, with Tobey Maguire pulling off the best performance I've seen him in. Unfortunately, it should have been longer, or been part of a two-part movie series due to the amount of material left uncovered and instead explained at the very end.