Enemy Mine

Enemy Mine

A soldier from Earth crashlands on an alien world after sustaining battle damage. Eventually he encounters another survivor, but from the enemy species he was fighting; they band together to survive on this hostile world. In the end the human finds himself caring for his enemy in a completely unexpected way.

The movie follows a human and his enemy, an alien soldier as they team up with each other to survive on an inhospitable planet. In the end the human finds himself caring for his enemy in a completely unexpected way. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gustavo A (br) wrote: elegant, poetic, melancholic... haunting.

Countess N (es) wrote: Recommended by Liesebieke.

Vanya M (kr) wrote: Hayek and Cruz work well together Positive

Buggy B (nl) wrote: Stay is an interesting, stylish, psychological thriller with some great leads attached, the problem is that for the most part the audience has no idea what is going on. Even after the twist ending I was still like, what just happened? Unlike say the Sixth Sense where in the last few minutes all the pieces click into place and you think its awesome, I actually had to go online and look up the explanation of the ending in order to understand any part of it. If the director had just made the plot slightly more accessible to the average viewer (me) or left a few more clues this could have been a great movie. Ewan McGregor tries on yet another American accent and some (really bad pants) in this intricately plotted thriller. Here he plays a psychiatrist trying to prevent one of his patients (a moody Ryan Gosling) from committing suicide while maintaining his own tenuous grip on reality. I will admit I'm still thinking about this movie days later now that I "get it" however you probably shouldn't have to devote time to research a movies plot in order to enjoy it. 7/27/14

Bill T (us) wrote: One of these "Oh there was a sequel?" movies that comes out to these science fiction movies that are somewhat successful. The original Arrival, as you may remember, starred Charlie Sheen as a amateur astronomer which stumbled into something big. The 2nd one starts out by us finding out that Charlie Sheen has been bumped off (he's not at all in the movie of course) and he left instructions for his brother and company to find. Of course, this being, again, a half assed sequel, we're forced to endure elements of what made the original interesting (the sphere, the aliens) in twice the capacity. A lot of the plot doesnt make sense, characters are half-explained, and it all takes place in Canada. At least SOME of the special effects are all right. So, in summary, prepare to be amused by this piece of crap.

Timothy S (br) wrote: Director Sidney Lumet has made a lot of great films over his esteemed career. and while "Guilty as Sin" will never be mistaken for any of them, it is a very entertaining and yet highly improbable thriller. He's a talented filmmaker, and he sells the story. Because of that, it hooks you and you buy into it despite your reservations.Larry Cohen will probably never win an Oscar as a screenwriter, but you have to give this guy credit where it's due; he spins an entertaining yarn and that is definitely the case here. The casting is good as well. Rebecca DeMornay and Don Johnson are both impossibly good-looking here, but you believe them in their respective roles. These are fun characters, and it's very enjoyable but sometimes silly watching them play their cat and mouse game. Johnson is especially good in a wonderful, scenery-chweing performance that gives him the rare chance to play the bad guy. He's a lot of fun, and Cohen gives him some juicy lines of dialogue.It's a rare twist in a courtroom thriller where the defendant's guilt or innocence is black and white right from the start. The ending, however, is a little too abrupt and wraps things up a little too neatly for my tastes, and the resolution seems disappointingly routine to me. The audience that has stuck with this audacious thriller for that long deserves a better conclusion. Clearly, seasoned filmmaker Lumet made "Guilty as Sin" as a lark, and when it works, it does so because of his skill and some fun casting. It's silly, but quite a bit as fun as well.

Anthony V (ca) wrote: More great Zatoichi action.

Siri B (us) wrote: Movie info was apparently written before the movie was written, doesn't make sense. This movie gets one star for fun splats and half a star for keeping me awake. Oh, and Ruthie's all grown up now.