Enemy Territory

Enemy Territory

An insurance salesman inadvertently gets trapped after dark in an apartment building that is terrorized by a street gang called "The Vampires."

An insurance salesman inadvertently gets trapped after dark in an apartment building that is terrorized by a street gang called "The Vampires." . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gina M (nl) wrote: A gritty and touching portrayal of a former drug addict and his ordeal to recovery with a helping paw from a stray cat. Ah, the wonders (read: magic) of animal companionship.

Phillip H (ag) wrote: nice venture ... it doesn't create the gap between superheroes and audience ,such is the screenplay ,that makes you get involved in the movie.. Jiiva's underplay blends with the character .Nasser has done a great job .

Anne H (ca) wrote: Brilliant Dutch film full of passion & joy. Still, a devastating film (tissues required).

Leigh C (kr) wrote: just want to know where this was made/set .. cos i need to go there. and the black and white shirt Audrey wears at the end of the film is fab. I want one.

Scott B (au) wrote: There's a good film in here somewhere. Starts off decently enough but soon degenerates into an incomprehensible mess that's 30 minutes too long and bogged down in superfluous chase sequences that don't add much at all. Oh, and shaky cam. So damn much of it.

Corey G (es) wrote: Best watched when making your own Mystery Science Theater 3000 commentary.

Keegan C (us) wrote: If anybody was familiar with Kafka's work in fragmentation they would realize this is an absolute perfect rendering of Kafka's Story. In the hands of Michael Haneke the non-psychological style fits perfectly with that of Kafka's story. Since most of Kafka's stories have a non-psychological stylization; with this movie Haneke has found his niche.

Justin B (kr) wrote: As with most rom-coms from the late 90's, early 2000s, it shows signs that this was once originally supposed to have some sort of empowering female message buts its buried beneath cliches and one dimensional characters. This one in particular has such an off putting premise that more often induces cringe and irritation rather than laughs.

Jess B (br) wrote: Quite interesting - a good way to give a marginalized group a voice.

Mickey M (ca) wrote: In 1988, a spaceship carrying an enslaved alien race crash-lands in the Mojave Desert. Three years later, the aliens now known as the "Newcomers" (or "Slags" to human racists) have been intergrated into Earth society. The movie is set in Los Angeles, California. "LAPD Police Detective Matthew Sykes" (James Caan) and his partner are patroling the area of "The City of Angels" known as "Slag Town" when they come to a "Newcomer"-owned convenience store that is being robbed by heavily armed "Newcomers", who have a human look-out. The partner is killed by powerful artillary that is loaded into the weapon of one of the "Newcomers". Just before backup arrive on scene, the one who killed "Sykes'" partner gets away. The next day, "Sykes'" captain announces that a "Newcomer" has been promoted to the rank of Detective, and asks for volunteers to show him the ropes. The "Newcomer" is "Sam Francisco" (Mandy Patinkin), one of the officers who came as backup to "Sykes" and his now dead partner. "Sykes" builds up the courage and volunteers to take "Francisco" as a partner. After learning his partner's full name, "Sykes" nicknames his new partner "George". The newly named "George" then informs his new partner that in his native language, "Sykes" is the combination of two words that makeup "sh-t head". "Sykes" decides that the two will go after who killed his deceased partner. After a few leads, the two wind-up at a chemical plant where "Newcomers" are employed because their race has a tolerance for methane gas. The detectives then begin to unravel an alien drug ring which involves well-respected "Newcomer" businessman "William Harcourt" (Terence Stamp). There are a few verbal jokes, many of which "Sykes" and "Francisco" bounce off one another. "Sykes" is a streetwise veteran cop, while "Francisco" would rather follow regulations to the letter. The performances of Caan and Patinkin makes their characters a great "odd couple" on-screen. "Newcomer" makeup is well done and pretty convincing. All "Newcomers" are portrayed in a way that makes you forget they are extraterrestrials until they speak in the "Newcomer" language. The entire movie is well-paced with just enough action to get the story over with the audience. And the story advances quite nicely to get to the resolve of all the subplots. In the end, "Sykes" and "Francisco" not only become closer partners, but close friends. Unfortunately, the writer of the movie forgot that this is science-fiction. Instead you get a typical cop movie where one of the cops is bent on bringing in those responsible for the death of his partner and getting a drug off the streets. Despite that one flaw, the movie is not bad and pretty much deserves it's cult status.

Nandan T (br) wrote: Why is this rated so low? A wonderful film. At the end you will be holding back tears (or not). Highly Recommended.

(ag) wrote: lord knows i'm a sucker for b-horror 80's teen slashers

Shae S (kr) wrote: This film showcases the best and worst of masculinity, oftentimes within the same character. The performances, casting, cinematography, and dialogue are startlingly good. The story is mostly great, though the women are pretty severely under-characterized. The editing is the one major flaw in the film, it's mostly passable, but several sequences are pretty rough in their construction and flow. The worst offense is the laughable, mood-murdering closing narration. However, what works in this film works very well. Val Kilmer's last scene in the film is shockingly powerful for both intangible and tangible reasons, chiefly that the scene is impeccably written, photographed, and acted. An underappreciated gem that I'm very glad to have been exposed to. Thanks Sjoerdsma.

Anthony V (nl) wrote: super badass fucking film if you like metal comedy horror and awesomeness then this new Zealand masterpiece is right for you

Larry W (de) wrote: There's plenty to like here, but everything feels like it's less than it should be. The drama is never as tense as the script calls for, the breaks are never as magic as Monroe and each and every shot feels like a poor choice on Preminger's part. The result is a thoroughly unconvincing film, even with reasonably strong performances by Mitchum and Monroe. Look at Marilyn. Look at Mitchum. Look at the scenery. But watch? I dunno.