The earth's land surface measures 149 million squares kilometers - about three soccer fields per person. But how are we using this space? Everyone wants to go to the same nice places. So ...

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  • Release:2009
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The earth's land surface measures 149 million squares kilometers - about three soccer fields per person. But how are we using this space? Everyone wants to go to the same nice places. So ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mike V (au) wrote: I wanted to like this movie, and I loved the movie "Once" and attended a "Swell Season" concert myself a few years ago, but there just wasn't much here to hold one's interest. There was also no sense of how much time was passing as the documentary proceeded, which made some of the events that transpired late in the documentary a little jarring.

Chris F (nl) wrote: It was a weird flick...and, i knew in the first 10 minutes, the title would throw people off lol. I don't even get the plot of this thing. All i know is that a guy (Jason Ritter), falls for this chick (Marianna Palka), and in the first half of the movie, you come to find out this guy is an ex-druggie. What he used...is beyond me. But, he works at a video store, and she comes in - and, he gets hooked. The chick is hooked on porn, and rents it everyday, and...uses it...to say the least. You also find out that she thinks porn is dirty or something...she even puts ziploc bags over her hands to take the DVD or VHS out to put it in and play it. The guy uses this lie to get to her...that his aunt had died, and lived in the same apartment as her. He tries to get her to "Open up", and do things on a step by step basis - first touching, then kissing, then ultimately, sex. Needless to say, that doesn't work too well, as she's got issues. I don't know if she was abused or whatever - but, the scene with her and her dad MIGHT give some people a reason to think. Anyways - the film's not THAT bad. it could've been worse. I watched it once, and that's good enough for me.

Seher K (de) wrote: good songs, good visuals, not so good performances... loved sanjay though ...

Martin F (ru) wrote: i have seen this several times...its got loads of charm from the characters. shazz i want to watch it with you so we can laugh & cry. a delightful universal coming of age story for homosexual teens.

TheLords A (jp) wrote: I first saw this movie a few years ago in my Europe history class. So I decided to see it again since we have it and here's the review for it. Plot: The movie is set is flashback over how Henry VIII after having a lot of miscarriages with his first wife Catherine, save for their daughter Mary, falls in love with Anne Boleyn and tries to woo her to become his wife, divorce Catherine and have her be the one to give Henry a son to rule England after her dies. This got a few rotten reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, but I still enjoyed it. It was a nicely laid out film giving us an idea about the world that people lived in at that time and with the all around story of Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII. The one issue where I side with the critics that didn't like it is that it is rather slow paced. I mean when I saw the movie again, I was surprised to find out how long it was and I didn't really like how long it took for a lot of events I remembered from the first time I saw it, to actually happen. There was quite a few stuff where it was just dialogue or something like that. I liked some of them because of how they were giving us some historical stuff about what was happening or the life at that time, but there were still a few scenes that were not necessarily needed. I think my favorite part *WARNING SPOILER* was at the very end when Anne claims that Elizabeth was going to be queen and rule a better England then Henry ever could with a son, and how they replay the audio to that scene when Elizabeth is walking away, kind of ending the movie with making it reflect that this was part of the story about Queen Elizabeth. It may not be historically accurate that Anne said that, but it still was nice. *END OF SPOILER* Acting/Characters: Richard Burton/King Henry VIII: He did a very excellent job portraying Henry VIII. He was selfish, stubborn and whiny and desperate as living heck. Even if his portrayal is not as historically accurate as I think, it still gives you a pretty darn good idea. Genevive Bujold/Anne Boleyn: She did a very good job too. Anne was clever, knew how to not to take crap from anyone but at the end of the day had a way of being just as selfish and determined as Henry. Music:The music was good in terms of giving us music that was from that time. Editing: I thought it was well done. And that's my review for Anne of the Thousand Days. It may not be entirely accurate and slow paced, but it still gives us an enjoyable, good idea about what historically happened and an enjoyable film altogether.

Jacob G (ag) wrote: Muddled, illogical, and confusing attempt to mix the 1930's concept of zombie with war and archaeological issues. Luckily the last 10-odd minutes are the best 10 minutes in the movie... although whether many viewers will get past the first 30 is a completely different beast--and not enough to save the movie, anyway.

Rika O (de) wrote: it's soooo 90's. if it were at that time i'd give 1.5stars more. interesting to see Jim mentioned "coffee and cigarettes".