Engaged to Kill

Engaged to Kill

Abby Lord (Maria del Mar) is kidnapped and her husband Robert Lord (Joe Lando) has to pay off a million dollar ransom. Based on a True Life story.

Abby Lord (Maria del Mar) is kidnapped and her husband Robert Lord (Joe Lando) has to pay off a million dollar ransom. Based on a True Life story. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Supagini K (es) wrote: Sick film boss there is no better film

Stephen B (ag) wrote: fatally misconceived and ineptly scripted and executed, this is a major setback for Victor Salva, who's Jeeper Creeper films put him on the map.

Jon C (br) wrote: so full of heart emotionally captivating and sweetly romantic Betty White and Hewitt are perfect a story about not giving up and holding onto that romance that withstands the test of time and all odds a Valentine's Day movie for all couples looking to get closer and wipe their tear-ducts in the process

Kenny N (jp) wrote: All is not well for former box office breaking badass Jean Claude Van Damme. The roles are getting crummier, the money is rapidly disappearing, and his own daughter is embarrassed that she has to go through life as his daughter, so she flocks to his ex-wife. Van Damme leaves Hollywood and decides to start again in Belgium, his home country. But he ends up caught in the midst of a "Dog Day Afternoon" bank robbery, where he becomes the unwitting face of the whole operation due to a series of misunderstandings. He's soon making headlines around the world, and there are scores of Belgians outside the post office cheering his name as he tries to figure out a way to not only get himself and the hostages out alive, but try to unravel the tangled ball of confusion and pain that has become his life. Roger Ebert said that Van Damme's six minute monologue was a low point. I have never disagreed more strongly with one of my heroes in my entire life. In those six minutes, Van Damme muses on life, love, and the pursuit of happiness with the grace and poise of a classically trained Shakespearean actor. He thinks, he questions, he cries, he conjures up memories both good and bad....all without a single karate chop or machine gun blast. Is Steven Seagal ever going to do that? I think not. Of course, this is for the most part pure fiction. Sort of like "Seinfeld" if Seinfeld was played by one of the most polarizing figures in Hollywood, loved by some, hated by many because of his films. This is a thinking man's examination of what happens when action film stars age. It is a most unusual adventure, but you'll certainly never forget it.

Peter B (es) wrote: It takes itself way to seriously but Bernie Mac is still great. Not sure who said it but they said it best when he died 'The world just got a little less funnier.' @thepeterbrooker

Mohsin B (it) wrote: The humour is very lively Not much solidity in the film though

Simon D (nl) wrote: One of Jim Jarmusch's less arty and annoying films. This is actually a very cool film. Forrest Whitaker is a quite hitman who lives his life to the rules of the Samurai. His master, to whom he owes his life, is part of one of the most silly mafia organisations ever portrayed on the big screen. The film is very quirky and, at times, funny.

Cassie M (mx) wrote: I watch this way too much!

Dee R (kr) wrote: Saw this movie in the movie theatre when I was in HS very impressive at the time for a young adult. Loved it then & still do. :D

Paul J (es) wrote: A beautiful tender coming of age drama that is uncompromisingly honest. The young actor's acting is utterly real (not to mention the supporting cast as well). The film is both funny and tragic. Countless truthful moments that capture the painfulness of growing up perfectly. The bird represents the last of his childhood (and magic). In the end, when he's asks about his future occupation, it's a sign that he'll have to let go of that childhood innocence. The bird is a farewell to a youthful aspiration that often gets crushed once we get older. The soccer sequence is hysterical. Also, the scene where Casper explains what the bird means to him is so moving. Not to mention the touching scene where his teacher visits him and sees the bird for himself. The film totally touched me. Heartbreaking.

Thomas K (ag) wrote: This was where I fell off the Hitchcock wagon and stayed there until "Frenzy". It's a little too leisurely paced for my and Ms. Hedren's mediocrity as an actress knows no bounds, and if this was the only Connery performance you were aware of you would have found him to be a very dull boy. It is pretty, but that's about all.

Carl M (kr) wrote: Count Dracula and the Wolf Man each arrive at the residence of Dr. Franz Edelmann in the hopes that he can determine the causes of their individual afflictions and rid them of their curses forever, but a failed blood transfusion infects the doctor with Dracula's evil. Meanwhile, Frankenstein's Monster is found encased in mud beneath the castle's cellar, and he is brought back to be recharged by the mad Dr. Edelmann. Will the monsters be cured, or has death returned to the small village of Visaria? HOUSE OF DRACULA serves as a direct sequel to Universal's HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN, and is the last picture to feature the classic monsters outside of ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN. John Carradine, Lon Chaney Jr., and Glenn Strange each return in fine form, though it is Onslow Stevens who puts forth the strongest performance as the crazed Dr. Edelmann. The waning interest at the box office and decreased budget are both apparent, as the film frequently falls back on stock footage and recycled plot points in this final entry. Jack Pierce's make-up designs never fail to impress, however, and HOUSE OF DRACULA allows each of the monsters to go out with dignity. It is a fine bookend to Universal's original DRACULA series.-Carl ManesI Like Horror Movies

Aaron H (au) wrote: One of James Cagney's finest hours on the silver screen!

Brandon S (kr) wrote: There was a period of time between like 1929 and 1932 when the motion picture industry didn't really regulate what was going on in pictures, so there were a ton of flicks released that didn't really follow any sort of censorship clause. This movie is supposedly one of these movies. We have "Rape," "Cannibalism" and "Murder" all taking place in this movie that was made in 1932! So its kind of a horror in the fact that they have a creepy crazy psychotic doctor, stalking around killing a bunch of scientists! There is a ton of comedy in this movie too, that keep the audience hanging on. The real thing that is odd about this movie though is that it was part of a very rare form of filming where this movie from 1932 is in color. Not technicolor but actual colored film, very impressive for a flick of its age. I really enjoined this movie and the story was actually pretty good. The acting was terrible but other than that... Good movie. Dr. X is another movie that I heard of in that Rocky Horror Picture Show Theme "Science Fiction/Double Feature." The movie was in no way scary and this is a scary movie deal so I am going to have to give Dr. X a 5 of 10. It was a great try with really cool gimmicks but didn't cut the mustard scary wise. Dr. X will build a creature S!D