English: An Autumn in London

English: An Autumn in London


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English: An Autumn in London torrent reviews

Ashley P (kr) wrote: Funniest stand up ever! A definite must see. I laughed throughout the whole movie

Rachel M (br) wrote: Urgh. Could only watch for 90 secs.

Basil D (es) wrote: Bad and Forgettable. Watching this is disturbing.

Nadja A (es) wrote: quite lengthy movie with symphatic cast and some funny scenes.

Auli H (es) wrote: Nice music, but i disliked how the story was cut into "historical pieces" - they didn't form a whole. Good acting by most of the actors.

Charmy P (ag) wrote: sweet movie.... sacrifice love for friendship =) ... it's kinda obvious for everyone if u r not selfish ... bt stilll nice drama =)

Mark A (gb) wrote: A typical 90s sci-fi action flick, just with a ton of nudity added in to make things more interesting

Martina P (jp) wrote: This movie is amazing! Has always been a favourite, and always will be. Dolly simply shines in this romantic comedy with James Woods. If you haven't seen it - you must! Even if you're not a Dolly fan (shock!) you'll enjoy this movie. :)

Tasos L (ru) wrote: A classic masterpiece!!

David M (br) wrote: Nearly unwatchable. A sad way for the venerable Hammer horror franchise to close out.

Hillary M (gb) wrote: Although I'm certain I saw this years ago I had to give it another watch as I'm working my way through Oscar winners I may have missed. It's a grand movie in every respect is Grand Hotel. Garbo is acting the part of a woman near meltdown, It's terribly enjoyable watching her flamboyance. Joan Crawford is positively scandalous. Just wonderful watching Hollywood Royalty in a film this early in most their careers. I adore John Barrymore.The first movie to knit together several peoples stories. Some of these "old" movies do not stand the test of time. My opinion is this one does.

Eliabeth C (gb) wrote: Kind of overdramatized but sorta okay, as far as modern chinese action films go