Five highly-trained KGB agents are sent to the west to assassinate several Soviet dissidents. In order to stop the diabolical plot, an American agent must infiltrate Soviet intelligence and obtain information from a Russian computer.

A CIA agent tries to infiltrate Soviet intelligence to stop a murderous diabolical plot. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Enigma torrent reviews

Alex W (es) wrote: In an era of bias documentary's this doc feels more traditional in that it shows the best and worst of its subject, When the highs are this high and the lows are this low it makes for an interesting subject and on top of some solid film making very engrossing. A biopic of a strange unknown nanny whos been dead for years has the potential to be very boring but even as someone who is not a big fan of human interest i enjoyed this very much. Photographers, hoarders and loners will enjoy this film the most.

Karina R (es) wrote: This movie was ok I never would have predicted the ending it was a shock for me

Tom B (mx) wrote: I liked it :) Lots of cool fighting scenes.

Jennifer S (es) wrote: This is probably the dumbest movie I ever started watching. David Boreanaz is great eye candy but nothing more when it comes to this film. I couldn't even finish it. Don't waste your time.

Jessica S (es) wrote: This movie looks like a really good movie. Like to see this movie too.

Veniea T (nl) wrote: Hope that it is good

Simon D (ca) wrote: Really good second world war film from the Dutch perspective, which you don't get to see often. It has a story to tell that surpasses the end of the war which is also unusual.

Peter J (de) wrote: Fantastic! Among the best basketball movies ever it's almost GOAT...

Greg G (mx) wrote: May have been getting distracted through movie...

Tim R (it) wrote: Rousing and spectacular epic fun!