Enigma para Demônios

Enigma para Demônios

After the death of her father in Argentina, Elza returns to Brazil to see her remaining family. When visiting her mother's grave, she steals a flower off an unknown grave and put it in her ...

After the death of her father in Argentina, Elza returns to Brazil to see her remaining family. When visiting her mother's grave, she steals a flower off an unknown grave and put it in her ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nettie S (ca) wrote: Love this movie Allan Jones and Jeanette Macdonald are wonderful in their only starring role together!!!!!!!!!!!

neil c (jp) wrote: I'm not sure what to say about this film. Sort of arty gay stalker porn? Or pornographic gay stalker art? Very Strange. I got a real Gaspar Noe vibe from it. The camera work is stunning, capturing Lisbon at night. The lead was good, his descent into a very dark place, but I still don't know. i think the real disappointing factor here is that it could have been a stunningly good film, but it seems sort of meh because the end really doesn't hit you like it should. Nice surreal imagery toward the end though. Anyways a film most people will dislike, due to graphic gay sex content, but worth watching, just to see how great the nighttime camera work is.

Film F (br) wrote: I enjoyed this.But some will not.

Stephen M (ca) wrote: This movie is awesome! Funny, heartwarming and amazing.

Deanna B (ag) wrote: A slow boring film...

KJ P (ca) wrote: "Smokey and the Bandit" is one of those fun movies that you can easily watch over and over again without ever getting tired. It's a movie to relax with a movie to party with, and a movie to just simply laugh with. I had a blast watching "Smokey and the Bandit," and for any country music fans out there, the soundtrack to this film is just awesome. As a man known as the Bandit is asked to import 400 cases of Coors Light Beer, the county sheriff is on a high speed chase for almost 900 miles to take him and his partner down. It is a hilarious film filled with jokes and surprisingly a few emotional/touching moments. I really really liked this film!

Shawn W (nl) wrote: Death tries to even the score with a woman who cheats it as the sole survivor of a plane crash. Liked the poster with the digital font. I'll remember this for the actress who does over 100 takes for a coffee commercial without getting it right.

Bill T (ag) wrote: Though why a sabretoothed flying turtle that breathes fire would escape from the Arctic ice, or really, the mere existance of such a creature is not at all explained, here it is. Mankind is doomed! Luckily, we have science when the military fails. Not as bad-ass as Godzilla, and certainly not as sensical.

Chris D (kr) wrote: Oh it had its enchanting moments, and it serves as an excellent precursor for movie musicals to come (they had only exists a couple years at this point), so it's OK that the film doesn't quite hit the mark for me. I can't quite pinpoint it either: the acting is good, the music is very typical musical fare, but I suppose the story wasn't as compelling for me. It may have been that nothing felt very fleshed out, or that the "peasant in love with noble-person" story wasn't strong enough to rise above the many other films on the same subject. Having a French lead reminds me of the far superior animated "Beauty and the Beast", which isn't particularly fair, since that film had another 60 years to hone this genre, but it's symptomatic of watching older films: you're always compelled to compare it to films that have been influenced by it.

Michael M (ru) wrote: While I'll never understand how they fuck the Dukes over in that final scene, this movie is still one of my Christmas favorites (along with Die Hard, Christmas Vacation, Home Alone, and A Christmas Story). Akyroyd and Murphy are phenomenal. Great score. Great movie. And Jamie Lee's huge cannons bared to the world. What more can you ask for really?