James Vasanth and his three friends, all differently disabled, are struggling musicians playing at weddings. They rent a room at Laxmi's fathers house and James and Laxmi fall in love. ...

James Vasanth and his three friends, all differently disabled, are struggling musicians playing at weddings. They rent a room at Laxmi's fathers house and James and Laxmi fall in love. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andr D (jp) wrote: "Eliminators" es tan mala, tan extremadamente mala, que no tengo palabras para describirla. Para criticarla me he inventado una nueva palabra: bastarmierquerosa.

John S (gb) wrote: Loved it! Not a feel good movie, but a great story that is apparently true.

Andrew G (ru) wrote: very strong entry. this started out as a basic wrong turn movie but towards the last half hour quickly descended into one of the wierdest movies I've ever seen but great movie

Nick S (us) wrote: A nice, easy going yarn set in the 60s with authentic vehicles. Definately sends you back to that era. Not much action, more of a story that bounces along at a reasonable pace. One to watch on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

Memo P (mx) wrote: Las ideologias, las generaciones, las costumbres de un pais que vivio transformaciones a traves de la guerra, forjados en regimenes absolutos y politicas idealistas que nunca dieron de si a traves de un relato de situaciones extremas que retrata la falta de humanidad, y al contrario del ideal comunista: cada quien lucha por si y para si, el status social rebaza lo humano, tranformando a cada personaje en su peor enemigo.

Kristina K (es) wrote: Slightly interesting, twisted story. I don't think the actors were perfectly fit though. I think only Kevin Bacon was good for this kind of movie. I was a bit painful to watch Colin in this one. (Don't think it's his style) I also didn't like Alison Lohman, what a fake & boring character.Again, the story is OK and some scenes are worth seeing for sure.

E M C (fr) wrote: Realistic, Truthful... Clever... I liked it!.

Molly R (ca) wrote: I like the the look stays true to the book series. A nice adaptation.

Matt W (gb) wrote: When you watch a Giuseppe film you can pretty much be sure that it will be 2 or so hours of a mixture of storytelling. The Unknown Woman is not an easy film to set your eyes on, tornatore reels us in within the 1st 2 minutes, a line of 3 women wearing only masks, from that point on we have 2 hours of pure emotion, drama, and some perfect acting from all concerned. Once again Tornatore (who in my opinion still doesn't get the attention he deserves as a film maker) makes a film that will make you not want to move from your seat.

Laura K (fr) wrote: never heard of this movie

Liam M (nl) wrote: So much god damn fun

Graham M (mx) wrote: Maybe not a person who really needed a film made of her that much but AJ performs terrifically and it never ceases to be fascinating to see such a wild life in just under a decade.

Catherine (es) wrote: My new favourite."Dear diary, what a day. I swear I've never been so depressed, miserable, and lonely in my entire life. It's like I know there's got to be somebody out there somewhere... just one person in this huge, horrible, unhappy universe who can hold me in their arms and tell me everything is going to be okay. And how long do I have to wait before that person shows up. I feel like I'm sinking deeper and deeper into quicksand... watching everyone around me die a slow, agonizing, death. It's like we all know way down in our souls that our generation is going to witness the end of everything. You can see it in our eyes. It's in mine, look. I'm doomed. I'm only 18 years-old and I'm totally doomed."

Drew S (ru) wrote: Wow, that was ridiculous. Caught it on sci-fi and couldn't turn away. Really funny in parts that it shouldn't be. By the way, that was probably the worst looking computer animated deer I've ever seen.

Raymond S (fr) wrote: Excellent film, great acting, creative storyline, and brings to mind a wide range of complex topics and handles them well

Teresa V (us) wrote: This movie made me hate the movie and love it at the same time. Loved the ending because both women thougt that each had a secret that the other will never know about, but hated it because there can only be one person that you can love at a time...and he did make a decision on who he wanted to be with...OUCH!

Kerby H (nl) wrote: Probably my least favorite of the trilogy, but still good in its own right. The musical cues are interesting, and the leading performance by Juliet Binoche is great. However, this movie is mostly slow and uninteresting to me.

Bryan W (mx) wrote: i'm sure this is horrible, but it has michael keaton!

Juan Carlo V (ru) wrote: 1945.. The world changed, forever!! Kurosawa is without a doubt one of the greatest Filmmakers that have lived in our planet; and for the same reasons that he lived in our same planet, he was also afraid of the Bomb! Who wasn't afraid of a Nuclear Holocaust at those chilling times of sorrow anyways. A tragic tale of a poor old man whose plan to move to Brazil, only to save his loved ones of another Nuclear attack, ends destroying his relations and separating his family...only because he wanted to save them. Powerful...Powerful. They all thought him mad and selfish. His plan was ridiculous, and his reasons were overdramatic ; but I don't think he was mad at all. Who is really mad on this film; think about it. Mifune is (again!) Fantastic, a truly powerful and charming performance. A true old man, or just an old child?Do I live in fear now? The most proper answer is yes, we all have lived in fear, at least once, or twice... or maybe we are still in fear. I loved the ending, the idea behind the ending was just magnificient... the idea of leaving our planet only beacuse of fear! To be forever, safe..somewhere in the universe; away of this burning Hell.

neil L (mx) wrote: Why am I supposed to like this? Because it mentions drugs?