Ennennum Kannettante

Ennennum Kannettante

Teenagers Kannan (Sangeeth) and Radhika (Sonia Nair) are cousins and childhood playmates. They meet again at their ancestral family house in the village during the holiday season. Kannan develops feelings for Radhika; but she is conflicted on how to act on the approaches by him.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1986
  • Language:Malayalam
  • Reference:Imdb
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Ennennum Kannettante torrent reviews

Philip H (ag) wrote: A well made, well acted film that has plenty of good humor. One of the things I like best is how much it sticks with me, providing food for thought. A comedy that can successfully pull that off is rare indeed. It's a good thing to consider what you believe, and why it matters.

Harry W (us) wrote: Re-teaming Jean-Claude Van Damme with Peter Hymas and receiving good critical reviews for doing so, Enemies Closer sounded like one of the more hopeful of Jean-Claude Van Damme's recent action films.To be blunt, Enemies Closer is a film with no story. It is a low-budget action film made by a veteran which doesn't even pretend that it has any kind of a story. It simply uses its location to depict a series of action scenes and half-assed attempts at pretending there is any sensible extent of plot in the narrative. We all know that there isn't so why the film even bothers trying is rather puzzling. And even if there were some kind of a story in Enemies Closer, it hardly matters.The fact that the story is not overblown makes it slightly more realistic than the average action film, but people do not watch Jean-Claude Van Damme movies for their realism. As it is, his pre-existing collaboration with director Peter Hyams by the name of Timecop is often criticized for its lack of rational though while praised for its acting and action. In the case of Enemies Closer, there is nothing. It is simply a film in a generic setting used as an excuse to stage a series of action films. Because of this, there is a strong sense of drama being forced into the film, and it gets even worse when the screenplay rears its ugly head. Any time that the dialogue has anything to say which cannot be hidden under the gimmicks of the sporadic action in the film. There is hardly enough to really mask anything. The dialogue tries to weave in subplots and other complications to the lack of a story, most notably the feud between Henry and Clay as well as Xander's stories of being vegan. The latter works because of Jean-Claude Van Damme's natural gimmicks making the experience funny for its over the top nature, but there are no other cast members worth anything in the film and so their inability to do anything with the thoroughly weak dialogue just reinforces how poor it is.Linzey Kocker is the most frustrating cast member as she has the most generic lines of the script, playing the stereotypical white girl archetype so heavily that it is actively cringe worthy. She is not the slightest bit convincing at anything she says as she talks like a girl off a popular reality TV show instead of any kind of actual character. And when she pretends to be anything more, the stereotypical nature of her performance continues to resonate with throughout the rest of her efforts which denigrates the already low standard of the film even lower by pushing it past boredom and into territory that can only be characterized as actively frustrating. I'm hoping to never see Linzey Kocker's face on screen again, though I hardly expect to.Orlando Jones is also likely to leave viewers cringing on some level. Though hardly to the worst of extents, Orlando Jones is so locked into an attempt at playing the badass African-American archetype that he delivers every line in the deepest tone of voice. It's not just repetitive and unconvincing, it's pathetic. And when his martial arts style during the fight scenes prove that he has the strength to pack a gritty punch, the fact that he fails to back it up with even a sporadically good performance is plain depressing. Orlando Jones is too heavily stereotypical to be the slightest bit convincing of anything.The protagonist is played by Tom Everett Scott, another forgettable actor. There is nothing about him that comes close to being cringe-worthy and he makes a good effort during the fight scenes, but he too is a limited actor who is weighed down by a script that attempts to weave melodrama into his role. His experience is lacking and his tense spirit is null, ultimately conveying that his approach to the material is way too casual to illuminate anything about himself in the process. Tom Everett Scott offers little in the way of innovation as the hero in Enemies Closer.The one cast member and reason that anyone would come to see Enemies Closer is Jean-Claude van Damme. And in actual fact, he delivers one of his most passionate and involved performances of recent years. The script remains weak with him, but his involvement in the role reaches a level of being over the top which lights up the screen. His acting is powerful particularly in comparison to everyone elses and by the standards of his limitations particularly within recent years, but he is actively passionate about the role of Xander which proves to be satisfactory. His fighting style remains an asset even though the material fails to capitalize on some of his most iconic talents, but it actually plays second fiddle to his passionate character energy which has some fun moments, even though his quantity of time on screen is hardly enough to justify calling the film one of his vehicles. Jean-Claude Van Damme proves that he really has a knack for portraying villains, and working back with Peter Hyams proves to bring out some of the better acting talents he so rarely exercizes. The man still has it in him, and that's the best thing Enemies Closer proves.And the role that Peter Hyams plays in the film as director certainly makes him an asset. Though he can not rescue the film from its lack of story, he can craft strong action scenes which he manages to do on a low budget. Capitalizing on a dedicated cast of fighters, Peter Hyams is able to manipulate the cinematography to transcend the fact that the film only has a mere $5 million budget. The repetition of scenery and small scale story ensure that this is hard to forget, but the way that it is captured with top quality technique is wonderful. Peter Hyams has worked in high-profile Hollywood material before on many occasions, but in Enemies Closer he is rooted in a low budget production. Yet this doesn't limit his way of ensuring that the action is good, making use of many stylish tracking shots and extensive manipulation of high definition focus to capture everything. The editing is also steady, even with the occasional jolts past missing frames. The only fault in the visual style is that as the story heavily takes place at nighttime, much of the imagery is burdened by a heavy use of shadow. The lighting is consistently sufficient tenough to see everything that is happening, but at many moments in the film the characters are depicted through their silhouettes which is hardly great to watch. Still, they aren't too bad. Lastly, the musical score was very well composed. It's intense and makes powerful use of strong instrumental composition, effectively crafting an appropriate atmosphere at times.So Enemies Closer boasts an energetic performance from Jean-Claude Van Damme and stylish action from the eye of Peter Hyams, but there is not enough of either of these to look past the film's lack of story, lifeless cast members and hackneyed script.

Philip W (fr) wrote: A coming of age film focusing on a young man struggling with self identity and alcohol, The Spectacular Now does a good job focusing in on situations that a number of viewers could relate to in some way. Miles Teller portrays high school senior Sutter Keely, a young man in the midst of a new relationship with Aimee Finecky (Shailene Woodley) as he tries to reconnect with his father, graduate from school and do well at his job. Between the personable acting of Teller and the sweet, life like style and dialouge of Woodley's character, The Spectacular Now might not have one thing that separates itself as one of the best teen drama films, but it doesn't fall short by any means and keeps from depicting predictable cliche moments viewers have come to expect.

James J (jp) wrote: A cute flic... I actually enjoyed it...

Renee R (it) wrote: GREAT MOVIE... you get to see a jaguar eat off a man's face!

Brett H (ca) wrote: Battle Royale 2 is the direct follow-up to the wildly controversial, but successful predecessor, that picks up three years after the events of the first film and like so many sequels before it, became a shell of what made the first one so unique and I was shocked at how bad this sequel was. The film is very far-removed from the original, with a storyline more akin to Red Dawn, with a class of students being recruited to assassinate Shuya Nanahara, the winner of the original Battle Royale tournament, who has now become an extremist battling against any and all adults for what they've done to society. The battle to the death concept is completely dropped in favour of this war-centered narrative, but it doesn't work, even for a moment, and only amounts to a few action scenes and A LOT of dry monologues that nearly put me to sleep. Right off the bat this film left a bad taste in my mouth with the cringe-worthy, over-acting from many of the young Japanese cast, who resort to wildly animating their bodies and screaming their dialogue at the top of their lungs; almost as if they were in a live-action anime. Stripping the death-battle scenario from the first film was a HUGE mistake and in all honesty, this film simply didn't need to exist, and after the first thirty minutes, the entire class is wiped out in a Saving Private Ryan-esque beach battle, save for a few characters. This film was partly directed by the original film's helmer, Kinji Fukasaku, but after his tragic passing midway through production, the directing duties were picked up by his son, Kenta Fukasaku, who is the writer of both films, but clearly doesn't have his father's expertise. There are practically no characters to care about, the violence is tame and repetitive with too much CGI blood, and I lost interest in the plot after only the first act. Battle Royale 2 didn't need to happen, but it exists and it is an awful follow-up to the outstanding original, and I'm just going to pretend it doesn't exist, because there is nothing to recommend here.

Ross M (it) wrote: I started watching Mona Lisa on a whim. I wasn't really sure what to expect, but the description provided by netflix was interesting enough. What I found was a film that sucked me in with its simplicity, and bare honesty. George (Bob Hoskins) has recently been released from jail and is looking to get work again from his old boss (Michael Caine). While unable to talk to his old boss, he gets assigned to drive around Simone (Cathy Tyson), a rather upscale call girl. While the two can't stand each other at first, they start to form a bond, and Simone reveals that she is looking for a girl she met while street walking who was dear to her. George, takes it upon himself to look for this girl while trying to save simone from his gangster boss. Any description I write about the story is going to be lacking, as I'm terrible at summarizing, but I have to highly recommend this film. Bob Hoskins delivers a powerful performance. He makes George an open book, and one can't help but root for someone so open and honest. The other actors are great too. Mona Lisa is a surprisingly good film that I don't think most people would watch without good word of mouth. So take my word of mouth and watch it!

Ishani N (it) wrote: Spader is the best theing about the movie. Terrific work by him!

Jonas D (nl) wrote: Not quite what I was expecting but still good

Eugene B (kr) wrote: Clearly a catastrophe as a sequel and overall film. Mortal Kombat: Annihilation is forgettable, inconsistent and filled with mediocrity that's insulting to the famed-fighting-game that it's inspired by. 2/5

Joseli M (us) wrote: brilliant production of a tragic part of history of Germany. One of Tom Cruise's best performances.