Working-class waitress Slim thought she was entering a life of domestic bliss when she married Mitch, the man of her dreams. After the arrival of their first child, her picture perfect life is shattered when she discovers Mitch's hidden possessive dark side, a controlling and abusive alter ego that can turn trust, love and tranquility into terror. Terrified for her child's safety, Slim flees with her daughter. Relentless in his pursuit and enlisting the aid of lethal henchmen, Mitch continually stalks the prey that was once his family.

Working class waitress Slim finds her life transformed when she marries wealthy contractor Mitch. After being abused, she runs away, but she decided to empower herself in order to fight back. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pepper W (ru) wrote: Beautiful, tragic, and wonderful all at the same time.

Kyle G (us) wrote: The best documentary I've ever seen. It's funny with the movie's clips as well as funny on its own. Some very odd people were involved in "Troll 2" evidently. It's beyond sad watching the director trying to justify the artistic integrity of the film. It's also sad how the leads, now grown men, begin to expect universal popularity but are sorely disappointed. "Troll 2" is already overhyped to me and I don't believe such bad films should even be marketed. None of the actors deserved any attention to begin with in my opinion. Regardless, it's undeniably entertaining."Release your instincts in the bathroom!"

Pavan R (nl) wrote: A subtle and understated movie...continues at the same tempo and it ends...a simple story with sensitive depiction by the director and actors

Cheryl M (ru) wrote: Not a movie I would usually think I'd enjoy, but I couldn't stop watching. It was actually quite insightful and the entire premise, hence the title, is to live for the now, in real time. Could have done without the continuous cursing, but I really enjoyed Jay Baruchel. Though I don't know what accent Randy Quaid was trying to pull off, he was a good hitman anyway. Number one reason to watch this movie? It is filmed in its entirety in Hamilton.

Kara F (gb) wrote: This concept was really interesting. I really enjoyed this movie!

Desi C (jp) wrote: I liked it but it was not one of amanda bynes best

Giovanni M (ag) wrote: Seven years after his masterpiece Donnie Darko, Richard Kelly provided Southland Tales an ugly mess of a film that fails on almost every level. Is it a cautionary tale? No because the message is muddled in aimless violence. Is it a satire? It's not funny nor does it seem to have a point. This movie is solely for those who try to act smarter than others.

Heidi G (de) wrote: La importancia que tiene el tener buena relacion y mejor comunicacion con los padres!!!

Bill B (kr) wrote: This one was a film I've always heard about and seen creepy images associated with when searching for horror stuff on the Interwebs, but I had never been able to track down a copy until Synapse put out the Blu-ray recently.The film was worth the wait, and I would say it's worth a rental if you have the chance, just for some little-seen horror from the '80s heyday.

James H (us) wrote: Really really bad low budget film, ultra cheap with an unusually stupid plot for a film from the mid 1940's. The acting isn't too bad. The gorilla suits are pretty lame.

Sam C (fr) wrote: Growing up I was always interested in gangsters. I don't know a whole lot of history for gangsters but one subject I've always known a little on was the John Dillinger era. In his time he was Public Enemy Number One because of the banks he and his gang robbed. I have also been interested in gangster films my whole life and I'm always interested in seeing ones I've never seen so when I found the movie Dillinger (1945) I was a bit excited since it was about John Dillinger. Although it is not great, nor tells the story of John Dillinger that good, it is still an enjoyable 70 minutes. This movie has some qualities that make a gangster film great but also has some moments where the movie seems weak.Dillinger follows the life of John Dillinger (played by Lawrence Tierney) as he starts out as a petty thief and his rise in power. After committing a small robbery Dillinger is sent to prison for just a little while since his crime wasn't major. In jail he meets Specs Green (played by Edmund Lowe), at first they start out on the wrong side but after awhile they become friends. Spec introduces Dillinger to his gang who are a group of bank robbers and except Dillinger into the gang. Once Dillinger is released from jail he finds a way to get the whole gang out of jail, once he get's them out the start their crime spree and become the polices number one priority.To be honest this movie shouldn't have been called Dillinger, this movie shouldn't have even been about John Dillinger because they really didn't get much right. From what I know they only got a couple things right and the rest was just made up. Even though this movie didn't get much right about the history of John Dillinger the movie itself is actually not that bad at all, far from perfect but still a good gangster flick. From the beginning to the end this movies story kept me interested although it did have some problems. I thought the story to this movie was actually very well written. The dialogue was good (with the exception of some lines), the story telling was very good (with the exception of some predictable moments), and the character development was great. This whole movie you see character changing and it's just so interesting to watch and the actors did so well at playing their roles. Sometimes the dialogue is a bit cheesy and some things are predictable and some editing is pretty bad but it's easy to get past that, overall this is a pretty good screenplay by Philip Yordan. As far as acting goes this movie had some pretty good performances. All the characters in this movie were written great and the cast did a great job at portraying their characters. From the start to the movie to the very end you see John Dillinger changing and Lawrence Tierney does a wonderful job at showing that. Sometimes he feels just like a normal guy but in some scenes he feels like a very dark person who is just messed up in the head. Another performance that is very good in this film is by Edmund Lowe who plays Spec Green. I saw Specs changing a lot and thought he was a very good character and well acted by Lowe, he was a good mentor to Dillinger. The only performance in this movie that wasn't that great is from Anne Jeffreys who plays Helen Rogers, the character wasn't anything special and any young actress could have done it. In the end you get a pretty good gangster flick, forgettable but a fun time for the 70 minutes your watching it. This movie is not really a story about John Dillinger's real life; it's just a story about a group of bank robbers that includes a few things about Dillinger's life that is written very well. This movie does have it's up and it's downs but overall I would recommend this movie. If you just want to see a good gangster flick this is a movie to watch, if you want a great movie about the life of John Dillinger I recommend you try and find something else to watch. In a world that has many gangster classics and greats this is nothing compared to them but still a very good watch.

Joseph T (de) wrote: Great neo-noir! I absolutely loved the moody, gritty poetry of the first 7/8ths, a little less keen on it once it became more of a straightforward thriller and raced a little too quick to it's conclusion. But even then, it was still damned entertaining, and a great closing shot.