Ensign Pulver

Ensign Pulver

1945, on an old cargo ship somewhere deep in the Pacific ocean: Captain Morton strives to become commander, so he demands the maximum quality of work from his crew, without granting them any freedom or favors - ignoring that they're thousand of miles away from the front. In one word: he drives his crew crazy. They are near mutiny, but no-one dares to do the first step. Until Ensign Pulver plays a prank on the captain that triggers fatal consequences...

Life becomes so harried after Ensign Pulver's prank, he and the Captain are swept off deck during a storm, ending up on a tropical island, a group of ship wrecked nurses, dancing natives and 1 very big case of appendicitis. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Ensign Pulver torrent reviews

Suette R (au) wrote: a funny/ touching/ stylish chick flick ^_^ worth $6.99+tax

Mark James A (us) wrote: ...sweet and funny but derivative, pretentious and cheesy.

Donna W (ca) wrote: surprisingly interesting movie

John B (ca) wrote: it was ok overall, I thought it was a long and complex story to follow, but, good mix of comedy & action mobster style in early China

Katie S (de) wrote: Joe Pesci where have you been?

Mike M (ca) wrote: Belatedly, "Birdwatchers" gathers some momentum: while it's transporting, and impeccably performed by a presumably untrained cast for much of its running time, this feels more like a good idea for a film - to hang out in one particular neck of the woods for a while, and see which scenes and images come to pass - than an especially compelling narrative in itself.

Adam S (mx) wrote: better go for Dawkins' 'God delusion'

Grant T (br) wrote: An interesting movie to say the least, but there is not much of a payoff

Rasheed T (mx) wrote: Moderately vulgar but has a lot of character into it! Personally, I was laughing hard in most of the scenes

Julian C (us) wrote: One of the more unique films I've seen; it's a movie about an artist and art in general, that genuinely feels like art.

Colin G (ru) wrote: Despite giving non-gamers the wrong idea about us roleplayers it's quite a well told story. Whilst most rolepayers hate it I rather like this TV movie.

Tico P (ru) wrote: We've had killer bees, ants, dogs, cats, spiders, birds, slugs, worms, wasps, sharks, octopuses, whales, piranhas, grasshoppers, rats, crocodiles, sheep, monkeys, crabs, dinosaurs, ticks and snakes. Did I miss any ? In this one we get killer rabbits. Yes, you heard me ... rabbits. Believe it or not this piece of trash from 1972 starred Janet Leigh(psycho), and DeForrest Kelley (Bones, from Star Trek) and was directed by William F Claxton. Billy boy went on to direct episodes of Little house on the prairie and Fame. I don't remember much of the plot since I haven't seen this for at least 20 years. But I think its about an experiment that went wrong in a lab, turning the furry little creatures into giant killer rabbits. What I do remember is rabbits crushing miniature models of cities, and even people wearing bunny suits going amok. The rabbits "Rooooooooar" and bleed from the mouth as well. The mere 50% is because it made me and my friends practically laugh to death. Good times. A great midnight movie for your Easter vacation.

Kelly S (us) wrote: Classic espionage comedy film!

Dennis S (jp) wrote: Good little 70s exploitation film.