Enter the Dangerous Mind

Enter the Dangerous Mind

A psychological thriller set in the world of underground dubstep, Snap is the story of Jim Whitman, a brilliant but painfully introverted musician who develops a crush on a young social worker.

A reclusive American composer with an online following has a tentative romance with a beautiful social worker. This offers a glimmer of hope, but his mind fractures as the voices in his head grow louder and more destructive. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrew L (nl) wrote: paranoia, obsession, deceit, sex, death, and.... ergghhh... capitalism. Recipe for an excellent thriller that continues to haunt my dreams

Todd S (nl) wrote: Kidulthood is another film that makes people want to see it, by advertising a star that's in it for all of five minutes, Nick Hoult of Skins, About A Boy, and X-Men fame. He's the reason I gave this film a chance, because honestly, the plot isn't really something that interests me. This film is so far out there and so strange, that I can't even tell you what it's about! A bullied girl in a London high school kills herself and the kids get time off from school. After that the story splinters into a million different pieces of kids running wild in the streets of London and most of it makes absolutely no sense. Kidulthood tries to become the British version of Boyz In The Hood, but completely fails. The British gangstas, aren't exactly gangsta, and things move so unbelievably fast that it's impossible to keep track of who is who and who is doing what. To sum it all up, there's no real plot, meaning there isn't much of a point to this movie. There are also far too many characters, many of whom look a like, and very few that can actually act worth a damn. Kidulthood is one big blur of violence and F-bombs without a theme, a plot, or a point. This is just another example of a movie that tries to attract people with foul language, unnecessary violence, and a marquis name that barely makes a cameo. It's a complete waste of two hours!

Spike V (ag) wrote: While not what I expected, certainly it is a very interesting dissection of the mind of one of the greatest scriptwriters out there, Alan Moore.Always with an interesting point of view, with his personal twist, it's not a further exploration into his works, but it's and interesting journey into mystery!

Martin D (gb) wrote: Beware of what goes "bump" (and "squeak" and "flap flap flap") in the night. Dr. Sheila Casper (Dina Meyer) is a respected zoologist dispatched by the government to Gallup, TX, a small community suffering from an unusual number of reported bat attacks. Casper finds this news puzzling, since bats are generally placid creatures who avoid contact with humans. The local sheriff, Emmett Kimsey (Lou Diamond Phillips), assures Casper that the reports are on the level and that something needs to be done about swarms of aggressive bats so thick they blot out the moon. Caspar and Kimsey discover that a new breed of genetically altered bats have escaped from a research facility and taken up residence in a cave near Gallup -- but the nocturnal bloodsuckers have no intention of leaving as quickly as they arrived. Bats was written by John Logan, who had two other projects hit the screen within a few months of Bats' release: Oliver Stone's Any Given Sunday and Ridley Scott's Gladiator. The supporting cast includes Leon and Bob Gunton.

Shawn S (ca) wrote: This is hilarious and Jim Carrey is great.

Jack G (es) wrote: I wouldn't reccomend it firstly to people not familiar with Herzog, but fans should enjoy the Aussie locations and some classic bits of eccentricity, like the first Aussie black pilot singing "My baby does the hanky panky" and awesome stock-footage of a tornado used to poetic effect. And, Bruce Spence (the crazy flying side-kick character in Road Warrior) can act!

Thomas B (es) wrote: Terrific Comedy! Well acted!

Carlos M (de) wrote: With jokes that are dated for today's standards and a silly, unconvincing plot that basically invented the backstage clichs, this musical is worth it only for Busby Berkeley's spectacular choreography and astonishing production numbers that could never take place on a theater stage.