Enter the Invincible Hero

Enter the Invincible Hero

The nation called Hocheonpyo transports gold in the village of Korean vagabonds in Manchuria to Kukja family when some bandits attack and steal the coach with goods. The very prestigious head Paeng-deok mediates but old man Kim is killed when he asks for compensation. At this time, the Korean man Han-seong defeats the bandits and brings back the gold. So-jeong, old man Kim's daughter, decides to avenge her father. Han-seong goes to the place where the coach was attacked. Finding an emblem, he is filled with suspicion. The bandits have been employed as a convoy of Hocheonpyo and the emblem is theirs. Paeng-deok is Han-seong's older brother. Paeng-deok gets the compensation money together. While bringing the money, Seo-jun is killed and someone takes the money. Han-seong knows that Ho-chul is the culprit but Ho-chul dies by a poisonous dart. Han-seong persuades him knowing that Paeng-deok is the ringleader behind Ho-chul. - KMDB

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Joe A (kr) wrote: Don't waste your time its a Weinstein POS

Dustin I (it) wrote: An all too brief follow-up to the hit modern Disney classic! This is great fun!

Vin R (es) wrote: ***SPOILERS AHEAD***CONS first : Some of the dialogues were kinda filmy and you would not know until you are deep in to it, but there is some supernatural stuff too. I say 'filmy dailogues' because couple of times, the characters were thinking really loud and explaining whats happening at that point in the movie, duh!. If that ghost-whisperer actress hadnt been on a shouting spree (and if I hadnt watched years ago and still remember "The Sixth Sense"), I never would have guessed the 'big twist' in the plot. Still a damn good suspense thriller - Talaash. Now for PROs:Aamir gives you the same vibe as a a cop, not the usual hindi-filmy-cop-dude. Rani is the underdog who gets to steal the thunder with her subtle, sensitive performance. For probably only the second time in her career, Kareena fits the role and plays a glossy kitten (Jab We Met is the first one, in case you are still wondering).Bollywood has grown up, with a few quirks though, it took a supernatural angle to get a suspense drama across to the targeted mostly towards urban audiences, and in true filmy style, I would quote Aamir Khan from the movie 'Andaz Apna Apna' :: "Shahbaash mere Sher!"

Romn H (br) wrote: Una pelicula que trata el tema de policias corruptos que es lo unico que conserva de la pelicula original "Street Kings" . El final fue un tanto malo

F B (ca) wrote: Pretty good hard hitting gritty film although was predictable towards the end.

Carole T (mx) wrote: I've been avoiding this film for years as I'm not a fan of Streep and even less of a fan of Thatcher. However, I was pleasantly surprised by this film...I was gripped from the start and mesmerised by Streep throughout. It was all very glossy though and could've done with a bit more drama.

Jason L (fr) wrote: Though it might not excite horror fans, I liked the characters and the idea of a haunting train tunnel.

Jean S (it) wrote: David Schwimmer gives a good performance, but the plot feels unoriginal and some subplots are underdeveloped.

Violet S (fr) wrote: A sketchy but provoking film.

Joshua L (it) wrote: This is the movie Sam Raimi directed after doing the first 'Evil Dead'. It is strictly for fans only. I doubt anybody else will enjoy it. Good luck trying to find it.

Nathan M (es) wrote: The most brutal, terrifying and purely sickening film I have ever seen - it's filming style enables us to really relate to the message of the film, which was as important then as it is now - the inhumane nature of exploitation cinema.

Kurt H (de) wrote: I remembered this movie as a boy, often on Saturday afternoons when it was raining and I wasn't outside. Hated it then. As an adult, the movie works. Admittedly some of the humour is dated, but the cast is fun, the characters are funny, and the premise works as a whole. Still good for a rainy afternoon!

Christopher Todd (es) wrote: One of the funniest movies ever made. Period.