Enterrado vivo

Enterrado vivo


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:87 minutes
  • Release:1961
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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Enterrado vivo torrent reviews

Joao20 M (fr) wrote: Nota: 8.5/10 - 3.9/5

Daniele C (de) wrote: So compelling and elegant in some aspects, as messy and fragmented in others. A missed chance to make something great.

Robert I (mx) wrote: So, this is barely a movie. The first 12 minutes is a recap of "Vampire Journals" and opening credits. Then the last like six minutes are end credits... The movie is an hour 14 minutes in runtime, so the actual content of the movie is less than an hour.The cast is small: Evil Vampire Queen who is supposedly what happened to an unresolved character from "Vampire Journals"; Sugar, a sweet vampire with a big heart; Spice, a bit of a jerk but a good friend vampire; Dex, a DJ... Ivan a Vampire Hunter ... and a tiny doll thingy, Marvin. This film is more inline with Charles Band's work. Heck, it took him six days to film!Not abundantly terrible which is why it gets a middle of the road rating. Doesn't explore any interesting story territory though. A shame given there is promise in Sugar and Spice's friendship, Morella's backstory, and Sugar and Dex's relationship.My one take away is Phil Fondacaro who plays Ivan the Vampire Hunter may be channeling his "Bordello of Blood" character. I appreciate that sort of type casting.

Diego F V (gb) wrote: Interesante filme que muestra a su manera los sucesos acaecidos en Paris durante el final de la decada de 1960, mas especificamente 68' y 69'. Es repaso por aquellos ideales que invadian las mentes de los jovenes. Es un retrato de ese diario de vivir de aquellos que se empecinaban en conseguir un cambio y que a su vez, se rodeaban del arte, de la musica y de las drogas quizas como una excusa para desfogar todas las pasiones contenidas dentro de si. Interesante. Eso si, algo extensa, 3 horas.

Connor S (es) wrote: Outbreak is a pretty average Hollywood blockbuster. The film is about a group of scientists trying to stop and contain a deadly virus which has made it's way into the United States. Wait a minute, wasn't there a film called Contagion that was pretty much about the same exact thing? Yes, but unlike Outbreak, Contagion was actually a pretty sophisticated film, at least more so than most movies nowadays. Outbreak on the other hand has Hollywood written all over it. There are guns, explosions, helicopter chases, and a very cliche bad guy that the heroes must stop. And while the plot is about scientists trying to stop a disease, most of the facts and events in the film seem either very exaggerated or borderline unrealistic. And because of this, Outbreak would influence many other Hollywood "what-if" scenario films, and needless to say, most were pretty terrible. But I wouldn't consider Outbreak a terrible movie. Most of the performances are pretty good, if a tad bit melodramatic at times. It's also pretty entertaining, so you won't necessarily be bored by it. There's nothing great about Outbreak, but it will keep you entertained for at least one viewing.

David E (ag) wrote: When it comes to erotic mainstream films that I have seen, they are mostly in the categories of drama & mystery with hints of romance (see "Eyes Wide Shut", "Crash" (the 1996 David Cronenberg film), & "9 1/2 Weeks"). By seeing the trailer for "Basic Instinct", the romance seems lessened with more emphasis on mystery & drama. After seeing the film, it was not as captivating as I thought it would be. This controversial film (in regard to sex, violence, & the more or less negative portrayal of homosexuals) looked interesting - Paul Verhoeven's directing was quite stunning & intense, the music was perfectly thrilling, but the acting portrayed most of the characters (especially Michael Douglas as Nick Curran) as so sardonic and cynical that I couldn't really like them (although Sharon Stone as Catherine Tramell was quite chilling). "Basic Instinct" was okay, but I really would have liked it if there was a lot more character development.

Brian K (us) wrote: Jerry Lee Lewis is God.

Adam R (ag) wrote: (First and only viewing - In my early twenties)

John Y (ru) wrote: Fantastic film. I cannot recommend this one enough!

A K (ca) wrote: An anachronism that's hard to hate

Zack B (ca) wrote: So very gorgeous to look at.

Michael S (us) wrote: I'm a die hard, go hard or go home Philadelphia Eagles fan and this movie is for anyone including the ones who are NOT Philadelphia Eagles fans

James C (ru) wrote: Still Tarantino's best film to date. Exceeds Pulp Fiction on numerous levels, proving that Quentin should never cease making films.

Viktor A (ru) wrote: This movie lasts for 3 hours and none of it makes sense...