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Jason T (fr) wrote: Disturbing like the first but disappointing that almost the entire movie is confined to a tv studio. Decent performances that never fully take off.

Ian P (nl) wrote: A nice comedy and romance movie of various love team pairings from Star Cinema production. Based on story it has quality for its well-written plot, entertaining and funny comic scenes and engaging stories from each sub-story within the movie. Though there are times that it feels not enough for each story to finish early, the whole plot of stitching its connection together and the casts good performances makes up for it. Though there are interesting stories that I feel deserves a long air-time or extension play on the movie, maybe a separate movie for stand-alone story would do. But nevertheless, 24/7 in Love is entertaining, heartwarming and has lessons to share to its audience about love.

Shawn R (us) wrote: Outstanding loved it....

Annie C (ag) wrote: 1/4 1/4?'~' 3/4-?,

Kylee H (mx) wrote: Loved it! Hope kenny comes back someday...:)

Alex r (kr) wrote: Larger Than Life just doesn't deliver comedic charm considering that Bill Murray starred in this. The films plot is pretty bad; the jokes really don't stand out. This film suffers from a poorly written script that has nothing to offer the viewer. As far as comedy is concerned, this one just doesn't deliver good laughs. The film is horrible and it simply is a pretty boring film that doesn't have much going for it. Bill Murray has made better films, and his talents here are wasted on such a poorly constructed comedy film. The film had potential in being a much better film. This film just fails and it definitely could have been better. Murray, like I said is wasted here, and this is one of his worst films. This is a poor comedy that doesn't accomplish much. This film doesn't work, and its comedic deliver really doesn't do anything to make you laugh. Most of the time you end up being bored with the film. Larger Than Life could have been a great film, but it just falls short on so many levels. Overall the film doesn't do anything to make you laugh, and the humor is very flat and unfunny. Bill Murray has done better work, but Larger Than Life is one of his weakest films and easily one to forget about. I really didn't enjoy the film and it was a misfire. This comedy at its lowest form and it just doesn't have a spark to get things really moving. This one just falls flat and doesn't know how to accomplish effective humor. This film has none of that. Pointless and not worth watching.

Anders A (kr) wrote: The barriers between rich and poor, west and east, the struggles within our mankind over borders and barriers. Complexed and difficult the communication and understanding of our innermost values and needs.

Julie S (br) wrote: stars for shower scene

bill s (de) wrote: As a mindless popcorn flick,there's merit here.

bill s (fr) wrote: This is Williams best work in this tense,taut thriller.

aldrin c (es) wrote: [b][u]X was never like this.[/u][/b] I never thought a porn film could be deemed a classic, until I saw the soft-core [i]Emmanuelle.[/i]

Jos M (jp) wrote: Con reminisencias a La Soga, este es un film sobre dos amigos que creen haber cometido el asesinato perfecto. Buen drama de Richard Fleischer donde destaca Orscon Welles en el papel de abogado, en glorioso blanco y negro.

Tony B (mx) wrote: It's an okay film but really over-rated.

Jacob K (us) wrote: A decent movie of fun times and fixing your past to better the future.

Ajk D (gb) wrote: Just don't think or expect too much when watch it so it can give higher entertainment value