Two thieves, who travel in elegant circles, try to outsmart each other and, in the process, end up falling in love.

Insurance investigator Virginia "Gin" Baker, looking into a stolen Rembrandt painting, suspects that accomplished thief Robert "Mac" MacDougal is responsible. She is sent to capture him, but he proves even more elusive and crafty than she expected. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Entrapment torrent reviews

Patricia N (jp) wrote: Enough of a history "lesson" to make me want to learn more about Newt Knight and what really happened.

Matthew D (it) wrote: A companion piece and counter-point to Gilliam's Brazil, the Brave New World to the earlier film's 1984. The director constructs another reality just one step away from our own, this one a tyranny of pleasure rather than the depriving of it; showing what our online sensory- and information overload, our pretentious faux-intellectual attention-demanding social media would look like given physical form. Perhaps more than any of his previous work The Zero Theorem meshes the human side in a quiet, satisfactory way (helped by a brilliant understatement from Waltz) with the philosophical points. So we get a film about a relatable person with a proper character arc as well as a film about Life, the Universe and... nothing?

Eva P (jp) wrote: I liked this film as more of an insight into a different lifestyle. Personally, I saw this film more as a documentary of the City of God in Rio de Janeiro rather than an entertainment film. Overall, more interesting to me than anything.

Popi P (fr) wrote: o,ti na nai :) i Umara thea, to perimena pio road movie

Keith P (mx) wrote: Isn't that Cody from "Step by Step"?

Ben R (gb) wrote: it's full of good reggae but the story is a bit lame... however; it's a good piece of historical film examining the rise of the underground reggae scene in a post-70's london. gritty, violent and at times hard to understand without subtitles!

Augustine H (gb) wrote: A romantic story, with surrealistic time travel elements, and somehow a touchingly sad ending. Jane Seymour is really beautiful and decent here! Can't believe the Oscar ignored its graceful music!

Cookie b (kr) wrote: This is why I adore Italian comedies!

Duncan N (au) wrote: This is literally one of the best movies I've ever seen. Almost every line of the movie is memorable, and every player really seems to get into their character. It's theatrical and kinda goofy.

Beln A (it) wrote: Interesting, I guess, not the kind of film you watch to have fun but rather one in which you end up admiring the way human interaction is depicted.

Cole W (gb) wrote: Violent, humorous, visually impressive for its time, and complex. A rare type of sci-fi movie even for today.