Entre el dictador y yo

Entre el dictador y yo

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Sharku T (ru) wrote: Spot on to book. Emotionally satisfying experience.


Heidi H (fr) wrote: Taboo content and bad ending do not a good lesbian movie make. Disappointing to say the least.

Natalie B (br) wrote: I love David Lynch, but this documentary was a little dry at times.

Jonathan S (au) wrote: Not my favorite Kurosawa, but perhaps the most fitting swansong to punctuate this brilliant man's illustrious career. Rather than say "sayonara" with epic battles or sweeping tragedy or beautiful action, Kurosawa gives a gentle wave.

Diva S (ru) wrote: This was one I saw on HBO years ago. It was absolutely incredible the stuff that goes on in this movie. Watch It.

Charlie G (ru) wrote: Well done. Good acting.Not as fast paced as I would have liked it to be.

Lisa P (mx) wrote: One of the best movies ever made

City Lights b (ag) wrote: this was my fave movie when I was growing up...man i had a interesting childhood.

Mark D (br) wrote: This was a pretty lame Western that was made to show that all men in the west beat women and the days of the gun fighter were past. This was a movie produced not for enjoyment but to prove a point.

Grayson W (us) wrote: Kind of fun, but ultimately cheesy teen horror movie with strong 90s vibe.

Brandon P (br) wrote: Don't mess with Hanna! Great music by the Chemical Brothers. I could see the video game and fairytale aspects of the movie described by the critics. However, I am adamant that the critics and viewers have seriously underrated this movie.

Ross M (us) wrote: If your movie is going to intentionally look like crap, at least take the time to make it at least scary or entertaining. Paranormal Activity turned into the next big franchise after the Saw movies ended. The original ad campaign didn't do much for me so I never got around to seeing the movie until now. Needless to say, I was not impressed. Not nearly enough happens in the movie to make up for the unlikable characters and intentionally slow pace. 1 1/2 stars