Starring the popular (koora) TV show Anchor from Idea Star Singer, Ranjini Haridas

Starring the popular (koora) TV show Anchor from Idea Star Singer, Ranjini Haridas . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nolan P (it) wrote: Horrendous! The horror is how bad this flick is. I love cheesy movies and wrestling, but these wrestlers should stay wrestling. AVOID

Randy L (jp) wrote: we completely enjoyed this as a birthday movie. quite a few paintings i was unfamiliar with and the camera did a pretty good job of lingering over them. the interviews and psychological analysis could have easily ruined the movie, but i was surprised at how thoughtful most were. sort of properly constrained so that it all felt very immediate and authentic. after a certain point, the paintings are really kind of beyond discussion.

Manuel M (nl) wrote: NIghtmare detective 2: better than the original one with a profound, balanced psychological story that gives the main character more layers than you can handle! this is art!

Frances H (au) wrote: A classic-a film of the first music videos with fantastic animation. To see this on the big screen is spectacular!

angel m (ag) wrote: Great husband and wife murder movie ... I think this is the only one they did together.. I wish they would have done a few more They rilly made this Work ..

neil L (mx) wrote: The Long Good Friday is a cool old movie about a British gangster who tries to go legit but his operation gets taken over by the Ira. Ive watched it a couple times

Daniel F (us) wrote: A comedy delight for fans of Knotts and Conway. No great leaps in humor here but plenty of reliable laughs.

Blake P (us) wrote: "Tension" (1949): The wicked Audrey Totter is married to nerdy storeowner Richard Basehart. Since she happens to be one of the biggest tramps of film noir, she of course, cheats. Rich isn't too happy about this, and creates a new alias so he can kill the lover without getting caught. But of course, a big plot jerk comes ... "Tension" is now one of my favorite film noirs. Nothing can compare to Audrey Totter, who gives probably my favorite femme fatale performance of all time. She says her lines with such snap, crackle, and pop that she makes it a role that only she can play to perfection. The director named this movie "Tension" for one reason is particular-- this is a heck of a suspenseful film! There's so many plot twists in store, and with that unpredictability, THAT'S what makes this film. 5 + Stars, and I mean that.