"Enxaneta" is a 3D documentary, produced by Television of Catalonia, about the world of castles, popular Catalan tradition of 210 years of history that consists of making human constructions. Last year, the castles were recognized as a Unesco World Heritage ...

"Enxaneta" is a 3D documentary, produced by Television of Catalonia, about the world of castles, popular Catalan tradition of 210 years of history that consists of making human constructions. Last year, the castles were recognized as a Unesco World Heritage ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Phillip S (it) wrote: So aside from the fact that two female-lead comedies this year have managed to capture my life situation and personality in their respective leading ladies, "Young Adult" was pretty much a slightly-above-average bitchy comedy. Soundly written by Diablo Cody with scaled back vernacular and a little more bite and deftly directed by Jason Reitman who seems to have the knack for caressing and coaxing out all the nuanced moments and character bits in Cody's writing. I think these bitches need to work together all the time. *sniff sniff* Smell that? That's a dream team.

Lucas Y (ca) wrote: If I see one more fucking popup on facebook for this movie I'm going to go crazy! How much did the producers of this crap pay facebook to advertise???

Leandro B (de) wrote: Psycho thriller, gloomy story of negated parental love and brutal revenge.

Tim K (de) wrote: Best film of its era, to be certain. Even better when ranked amongst its "kind" of film: nonlinear, rotoscoped/animated, no convention to anything except that each person presents a new color in the personality spectrum, etc. When I put this film up against others' scores, like the all-too-overrated "I Heart Huckabees", it stands out as a postmodern art piece. Whether it's the neoclassical styling in the music or the generation X flunky talk, the tone is present and carries the viewer the entire way thru (if they're able to hold on that entire time, they will have brushed topics like Quanta and free will, violence in the system/violence in the individual, "freedom" (and the extent of which one goes to attain their perception of it), and even other film.Linklater does what maybe only Linklater can do: present impossible topics to film in an entertaining and emotional way so as to better communicate--key to survival for our species, at least--what is truly means to be human. Oh, and alive, because this film follows a dead guy.

Trent r (br) wrote: It was a great suspenseful movie

Craig C (mx) wrote: In the Summer of Star Wars, Ark II crossbred with The A Team, and encountered numerous film filters, poorly superimposed scorpions, killer roaches and hillbilly mutants. Briefly a midnight cult favorite, now it looks ripe for a riffing.

Peter N (au) wrote: Amazing true-life story... but it doesn't benefit from the mushy treatment given by this film. Bader was a far more complex character than the indomitable superman portrayed by More... in fact many people who served with him in the war have since described him as a complete c***. Too much chocks away stuff for my liking. And guess who pops up again at the end... Anton Driffing playing, you guessed it, another Nazi. The colonel from Allo Allo also makes a brief appearance.

Stella D (it) wrote: hardcore precode with warren william, terrific as a ruthless executive and womanizer, firing people left and right and even driving one employee to suicide. the film still packs a punch 80 years later

Jon P (ca) wrote: Wonderfully facetious and equally fascinating, Tim Burton's "worst filmmaker of all time" biopic is part fan film, part edgy comedy. And it works.Martin Landau's Bela Lugosi is a spot-on caricature and Johnny Depp is hilariously creepy, capturing the very essence of Ed Wood's "every cloud" optimism and zany imagination.Much like its main character, Burton's film is alive with over-enthusiasm. It makes for both a celebration of exploitation film and a touching tribute to a cult hero. Magical stuff.

Joey F (jp) wrote: Basically perfect. Though you have to be in the mood for it.

Wesley W (au) wrote: Such a dull wooden comedy and probably Will Ferrell's worst movie, in my opinion. About everything falls flat. The characters, directing, writing, acting, and story. From beginning to end, I was hoping to laugh a lot and get into the characters, but I never did. The entire cast is wasted in this mediocre and laugh-free script. The supporting cast is full of cookie-cutter and dull characters and not one of them ever stands out. Woody Harrelson is a talented actor and has proved that before this film, but here he looks bored and he looks like he would rather be somewhere else. Andre Benjamin is one-note in every scene he is in. He always looked like he was upset and bored about everything happening around him, his character was just really unlikable and devoid of any charm. The little subplot with Woody Harrelson and Maura Tierney was just boring, it went nowhere, and it added zero enjoyment to the film. My only positive with the movie was that I thought Will Ferrell tried with the mediocre material that he was given and he was only semi-funny.

Matt R (mx) wrote: Despicable characters and convoluted plot developments populate this bland slasher.