Epicenter concerns brassy, beautiful Amanda Foster, a down-on-her-luck Los Angeles detective who's been assigned to protect a mobster-turned-State's-Witness, Nick Constantine, from the mob. On the night of the assignment, the city is rocked by a devastating earthquake, forcing Amanda and Nick to fight their way through the ravaged city streets while being pursued by ruthless assassins and corrupt cops.

A detective assigned to transport a dangerous mobster discovers that she has been set-up to fail. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Epicenter torrent reviews

Krys M (nl) wrote: as far as movies that only grossed $27k at the box office go, this one is very probably the ok-est of them all. #winning

Jamie C (kr) wrote: A film where someone can see 2 minutes into the future was always going to be difficult to understand and in a way it was but it was different, Nothing like we thought it would be it had some good action scenes, As much as the ending annoyed me it fit into the film nicely, Nic Cage was good but I think someone like Tom Cruise would of played it better (No offence Nic) It does leave you trying to work things out in your head and they used his future gift to put in some shock tactics and it all worked, It's by no means a classic but it's as good as it was ever going to be, Even with some cheap effects in places.

Alex F (de) wrote: A really entertaining mystery comedy movie, the chemistry between Downey Jr. and Kilmer is pretty funny and the script is great, but the plot sometimes gets a bit messy and confusing.

Lady D (br) wrote: Bought but not yet watched

Kyle O (es) wrote: Fun dark and wicked commentary for the genre cherry falls was the first and only movie I purchased before I saw it and I was wickedly surprised. Was my fav for the longest time but is still on my list of top favs. Brittany Murphy is amazing and this movie is def under appreciated

Jason C (ca) wrote: One of those comedies so black that it tips over into disturbing horror with a few humorous bits that just add to the unease. It also looks fantastic. Thanks, Cindy Sherman!

CM W (ru) wrote: Equally as flat and straight-forward as its source material, Muppet Treasure Island still manages to get across the passion and energy the franchise has been known for, partially due to full role commitment from Tim Curry.

Blood R (ru) wrote: Good to see if you like Nightmares..

lisa s (jp) wrote: shame that richard donner was not allowwed to complete this film

Marisa R (jp) wrote: This was terrible, and a waste of a good cast and generous budget. I have watched all main actors in other much better movies than this one. This is a bad, gendered story about two very rich and apparently very rich pair of brothers who fall in love with the same woman. Manisha Koirala is a decent actress, but she is graceless when it comes to dancing. Oh well, what to do?

Jayden C (es) wrote: really goodmust see

David C (mx) wrote: An eerie period piece about young women from an Australian boarding school who go missing during a picnic at an unusual geological site. The film is intentionally ambiguous about what happened and why its characters behave the way they do-much more ambiguous, it turns out, than the novel by Joan Lindsay upon which it is based. In this way it is not unlike "The Innocents" (1961), an adaptation of Henry James' psychological horror novella "The Turn of the Screw." My wife, who has read the novel "Picnic at Hanging Rock," explained aspects of the story to me that the book makes explicit but the movie does not, and I think this knowledge was a necessary addition to the viewing experience.

Nathaniel B (kr) wrote: Extremely entertaining coming of age story!