Episode 3: 'Enjoy Poverty'

Episode 3: 'Enjoy Poverty'

Dutch artist Renzo Martens spent three years traveling throughout the Democratic Republic of the Congo asking the question: "Who owns poverty?"

Dutch artist Renzo Martens spent three years traveling throughout the Democratic Republic of the Congo asking the question: "Who owns poverty?" . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Episode 3: 'Enjoy Poverty' torrent reviews

Carlos M (de) wrote: A not so interesting effort that seems confused about what it wants to say and has a flawed plot that suffers from many unresolved elements, like the mother's contrived jealousy, a lack of decent explanation for the boy's bad behavior and his abrupt bonding with the maid.

Bryan B (us) wrote: Absolutely BEAUTIFUL.....with just enough Twisted Motive you can't help but root FOR him

Jason S (mx) wrote: This isn't a good documentary. Towards the end of the film the director says he doesn't feel like finishing the film and in my mind I thought that I felt the same way.This flick feels mashed together. He heads out on these trips to interview people about the book, spend a lot of his personal time and money to seek these people out, and he didn't even bother to ask if they remembered anything about the book before heading out. A lot of his problems could have been solved if he had asked "Do you remember anything about this book? No? Ok thanks anyway." Most of his interviews went downhill fast. Plus he seemed to talk most of time. I really didn't feel like sitting through anymore when he finally tracks down the author and plans to meet with him. I pushed through the last half hour as he interviews the guy and when the movie ends I was upset. We received no answers to any of the questions that he had been searching for through the whole movie. All we had we a couple of random stories from this mans life and not once did the director think to ask... why did you not write another book?This movie fails for a lot of reasons and the biggest one being the director being more interested in himself than the story he was supposed to tell.

Cody M (jp) wrote: A deep human drama, structured like a puzzle.

Cynthia S (gb) wrote: Really good!! My take on what happens after the movie: Suzanne gets a good lawyer and recuperates in a mental hospital because she was raped and driven temporarily insane. The lovers get back together, restore the rock house and live happily ever after. Maybe they could make a sequel, and call it, "Coming". --copied from another reviewer, but I thought it was so great that I had to put it here. :)

Gurur S (us) wrote: All the loose ends come together in the end, but it leaves you somewhat unsatisfied.

Lisa C (us) wrote: .....I miss Scotland so much! As for the British-well, Ms Dench is as always, wonderful too.I still prefer Scotland though.

Yesianne R (de) wrote: Quite good, even though I liked the second one better. I like this kind of women right controversial movie. But that is just me, you could think very differently.

Lonnie L (us) wrote: A movie for everyone to watch. Morgan Freeman starting out as a leading actor and in doing so asked told the audience sit up straight and pay attention. A gripping adaptation of a true story.

The Critic (au) wrote: B-grade sci-fi action at its very best with a He-Man-type hero played by Reb Brown (dubbed by Gregory Snegoff), who spends a majority of the picture running around in a loincloth, ending more lives than he saves! As his regal love interest, Corinne Clry is a sheer delight as Ka-Laa, offering almost every woman she interacts with a dirty look at the mere hint that they might be interested in her man. The rest of the cast don't really shine, with the exception of the lovely Carole Andr (Ena) and striking Ayshe Gul (Roa) as women of Yor's race. Divided into three distinctive acts (based on the introductions of Ka-Laa, Roa, and Ena), the film kicks into gear in the exciting final instalment which explains how a pre-historic mainland exists with a futuristic island. Made for Italian television and originally running for 210 minutes, this is poorly dubbed at times, but the second-rate special effects and John Steiner hamming it up to perfection as Overlord, the villain of the piece, add to the fun. A cult classic for so many reasons (the theme song for one), 'Yor' is a consistently entertaining journey that provides 89 minutes of effective escapism.

Alvaro G (nl) wrote: The best movie ever done

Iain B (ag) wrote: Liam Neeson walks around looking at stuff for the majority of this old school serial killer thriller before entering full on taken mode at the end

Alex T (es) wrote: What a lovely coming of age stor. And John Cleese is a joy to watch in any role. However, there were a few things that felt 'thrown in' just for the hell of it, like people dying, couples breaking up etc. etc. I felt bombarded by messages. I'm sure any 8th grade class could come up with 30 different morals they can learn from this movie. Overall a joyful experience. I just wish it was all tied in somehow with a point besides that life goes on when stuff happens.

Leonard D (ru) wrote: This was a pretty good adaptation of the graphic novel! I highly recommend the directors cut, because it has a brilliantly integrated comic of Tales of the black freighter! I can understand why some people don't appreciate it that much since its not the best version of the book, but, to each of his own!