Episode 50

Focuses on two television crews of paranormal experts: one team of skeptics looking to de-bunk myths about ghosts and another consisting of believers looking to prove their existence. ...

. . . Focuses on two television crews of paranormal experts: one team of skeptics looking to de-bunk myths about ghosts and another consisting of believers looking to prove their existence

Episode 50 is a funny movie of Ian Holt, Joe Smalley (story), Tess Smalley (story). The released year of this movie is 2011. We can counted many actors in this movie torrents, such as Anika C. McFall, Maderia Coleman, Sharon Gee, Annette Greenwood, Josh Folan, Chris Perry, Natalie Wetta, Keithen Hergott, Eleanor Wilson, Justin Brutico, Robert Maisonett, Kieron Elliott, Anna Venizelos, Arahmus Brown, Ossie Gibson, Domenic Barbero, Hector Linares, Daniel Ahearn, Jeremy Banks. Movie' genres are Thriller. Many people rated for this movie, Rate is 3.1 in www.imdb.com. We have a good movies torrent. Please support us via sharing this movies to your friends

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Users reviews

Adam T (es)

laudits too for some of the most exquisite looking Bond girls in the series!. The movie itself is perhaps not as cohesive as some of its spectacular sequences and its uber-suave star is not showing his full hand so to speak, but it is a remarkably stylish entry in the series and excels as escapist entertainment which in a 1990's context, was sorely needed. GoldenEye brings a swathe of style back to the 007 franchise thanks largely to a 6 year break for the ageing spy

Alan Z (de)

Nevertheless so cheerful, colorful and amusing that you let it pass by the giant talent of Astaire and Garland in the musical numbers both perform. A little uneven

Dave R (it)

a waste of time really. . . but the attempt here fell flat for me - it seemed to be going for some sort of surrealism but i don't know. the plot was a cliche of the gangster genre, which is okay if you do something interesting with it. . . i don't know what this was supposed to be all about

Gia H (kr)

I dig it. there is so many in this Cast I cant even remember them all. . Uma, Travolta, Tyler, The Rock, Devito. and the cast is amazing. . love it

Jlio A (ru)

assistindo pra crer!. Surpreendente a todo momento. Que suspense bom, mais um da lista que voc no deve saber absolutamente nada pra poder curtir

Juli N (kr)

Blew my mind when this dude went into pinball machine mode and started bouncing off the walls and other building architecture! It's called Free Running (Parkour) and it's a real pleasure to see this rising superstar get some serious face time on the big screen! So testosterone driven I swear my estrogen levels dropped and I grew a pair!

Lorelei R (es)

en av nittonhundratalets bsta utlndska film tillsammans med Tredje mannen

Matt W (it)

It really is a damn good drama thirller movie, it is totally worth checking out. Jackson's performance in this movie and I really love what did with the plot twist. I really enjoyed this film, I love Ben Affleck and Samuel L

Patrick K (nl)

1 mins of pure entertainment. . . Yes its dripping with cheese but thats the beauty of old action films. After the death of his brother Pete goes all out for the criminals who happen to be professional skydivering outlaws led by Ty (Gary Busey) so he has to meet a group of skydivers to learn from to even get close to them. Really entertaining action movie starring Wesley Snipes who is a Federal Marshall Pete escorting a computer hacker to a new prison facility when the plane he and his partner/brother is on gets hi jacked

Steven L (es)

So much lost potential. In fact, I wish I had never seen it. The sequel did not deliver. I was really hoping it would be a good installment of the original film, which happens to be my favorite when it comes to the animated Disney films