Epoch of Murder Madness

Epoch of Murder Madness

A movie by Kihach Okamoto. (1967)

A movie by Kihach Okamoto. (1967) . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Elcer M (es) wrote: A short film with just enough content for 30 minutes but stretched to exhaustion to become a long of 90. Kiarostami is one of the most tedious film directors that exist. He navigates between the denial of artistic recreation of reality, which should guide the cinema, and a deliberate intention of being "different", frustrating the expectations of the audience.The abrupt ending of this thing is just stupidAs a short film perhaps a grade 6.As a feature film, it's a solid zero.

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William W (nl) wrote: This film gets a lot of flak because it's not one of the trinity of great Marx Brothers films (Duck Soup/A Day at the Races/A Night at the Opera). That being said, it's still a laugh riot that's funnier and more entertaining than 95% of what's thrown out of Hollywood these days as comedies.